The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor

Inside The Crown

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Week 41 2023 : Sat 07 Oct - Fri 13 Oct

Thu 28 Sep 2023

The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor

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Series overview

The real behind-the-scenes story of the lives, loves, scandals, trials and tribulations of the world’s most famous family.

Featuring interviews from key figures with first-hand accounts, plus rarely seen footage, as the story is told through the perspective of the major personal challenges that faced The Queen and the monarchy throughout her reign.

The series sees the rare archive footage set against the revealing new interviews with those present at the time - some of whom have never previously spoken on camera. Viewers will see the images played out to the world during historic moments, while hearing the inside story and gaining a rare insight into The Queen’s personal experience of navigating the events that shaped her family’s fortunes and the history of the United Kingdom.

Episode 3: Intruders

The Royal Family is under siege from intruders. As 1980s begin the Queen wakes to find tradesman Michael Fagan in her bedroom.  Fascination with The Royal Family is at an all- time high and maintaining their mystique won’t be easy. When the Falklands war breaks out The Queen sends her middle son Prince Andrew into battle and he returns a war hero, claiming the spotlight from his older brother Prince Charles. And it’s not just Prince Andrew who’s outshining Prince Charles, his wife Princess Diana is the Royal Family’s new star, her easy charisma is a hit with the public. And Diana has brought an ally with her – a Sloane ranger friend called Sarah Ferguson who turns out to be the bride that Prince Andrew is looking for. But intruders soon bring problems for The Queen, Princess Diana falls for her bodyguard Barry Mannakee and Prince Charles goes back to Camilla. Soon it becomes impossible to contain the soap opera of affairs, rows and jealousies. The Queen, who is busy with state duty, has to manage several crises at once. A catalogue of scandals threatens the monarchy - from toe sucking to Squidgeygate. The Queen watches as Windsor Castle goes up in flames. 





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