Red Eye

Red Eye

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Week 20 2024 : Sat 11 May - Fri 17 May

Tue 30 Apr 2024

Red Eye

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Series overview

Six-part thriller set on the red eye flight from London to Beijing. Whilst escorting a doctor being renditioned, an incident on-board leads DC Hana Li to uncover a wider conspiracy.

Episode 4

As Hana searches the plane, she feels an eerie stalking presence. No closer to finding the culprit, Hana and Air Marshal Zhang come to suspect Nolan may be responsible for events on-board after catching him communicating with someone on a stolen phone. Determined to prevent events from escalating, Hana declares a search of all passengers’ luggage. Passengers on the plane begin to panic and demand answers.

Jess learns some crucial information about the wider conspiracy, but in turn, becomes embroiled becomes a target for both a deadly assassin and MI5.

At MI5 HQ, Delaney is furious after discovering a key piece of information that has been hidden from her, and is crucial to explaining the events unfolding on the plane. Jess manages to contact Hana and Nolan; in tears, she relays some cryptic information. Terrified for her younger sister’s safety, Hana sends Jess to seek shelter at their family home. 



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