Trigger Point

Trigger Point

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Week 09 2024 : Sat 24 Feb - Fri 01 Mar

Tue 13 Feb 2024

[Full series drop on ITVX on Sunday 28 January]

Trigger Point

Series 2

Series overview

High-octane thriller, Trigger Point, returns to ITV1 and ITVX for a second series, starring Vicky McClure in the lead role as a police bomb disposal officer (Expo).

Alongside Vicky McClure (Without Sin), who stars as Lana ‘Wash’ Washington, the second series features returning cast members Nabil Elouahabi (Blue Lights, Unforgotten) as Hass, Eric Shango (Suspicion) as Danny, Mark Stanley (Happy Valley, The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe) as DCI Thom Youngblood, Kerry Godliman (After Life, Whitstable Pearl) as Sonya Reeves, Kris Hitchen (Four Lives) as John and Kevin Eldon (Sanditon) as Jeff.

It also features new cast members Natalie Simpson (North Sea Connection, Outlander) who plays DS Helen Morgan, Julian Ovenden (Bridgerton) who plays Commander John Francis and Tomiwa Edun as Alex (Young Wallander, Trying).

The new six-part series has been written by Simon Ashdown (Our House, EastEnders), Amanda Duke (Treason) and Daniel Brierley. It was created by Daniel Brierley.

Episode 5

Having been approached by a desperate Alex and knowing he has nobody else to turn to, Lana makes the instinctive decision to trust and protect him. Her intuition gives the team the upper hand and produces new leads, but her breach of protocol brings tensions to a boiling point with Commander John Francis, who refuses to relinquish any control of the rapidly escalating investigation. The team catch a break when one of the terrorists is spotted by an off-duty policeman, and they scramble to follow him to the gang hideout. Back at Counter-Terror HQ, Francis gives Lana a dressing-down for her continuing unauthorised contact with Alex; emotions run high and eventually Lana walks furiously out of the room - and her job. But she’s not inactive for long – soon Alex makes contact once again, desperate for her help with another device that the gang have asked him to plant. Alone, without her kit or any support, Lana must defuse the bomb.






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