Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen

Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen

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Week 19 2024 : Sat 04 May - Fri 10 May

Tue 23 Apr 2024

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Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen

Series overview

In this new series, Prue Leith opens the doors to her Cotswold Kitchen, sharing cherished recipes, tips, and handy culinary hacks. Joined by her husband John and a cast of special friends, including Sandi Toksvig, Alison Hammond and chef Tommy Banks, each episode is a unique culinary adventure. Beyond the kitchen, Prue celebrates her personal food heroes both locally and beyond.  And husband John gets to grips with a varied mix of country activities on offer in the Cotswolds. The series is a celebration of food, friendship and fun – with easy-to-cook recipes for every occasion.

Episode 9

Prue is joined by cook, teacher and top gardener, Sarah Raven, who impresses Prue with her innovative garden tempura dish. Prue introduces us to one of her favourite, although slightly unusual, recipes - mackerel with roasted strawberries and tomatoes. 

Husband John, with the help of head gardener Phillippa, harvests homegrown salad while Prue introduces us to a fool proof method of making the perfect salad dressing every time. 

This week’s food hero is Richard Smith – manager for a local organic farm. 

And back in the kitchen Prue teaches husband John how to cook one of his most loved dishes, while John shakes up a spicy margarita cocktail.



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