CAUGHT actors

Thu 28 Sep 2023


PLEASE NOTE: In light of current events, the launch date of C*A*U*G*H*T on ITVX will be delayed until further notice. We will be in touch when a new streaming date is confirmed. 

Episode 1

Four Australian soldiers are kidnapped behind enemy lines. Placing little value in freedom, they instead choose to fight for social media fame and notoriety. Striking a deal with their captors to make the world’s most elaborate hostage videos, the boys set sail on a mad-capped journey into the true heart of darkness – fame.


Rowdy Gaines portrayed by Ben O’Toole
Dylan Fox portrayed by Kick Gurry
Sean Penn portrayed by Sean Penn
Lt Pete Mitchell portrayed by Matthew Fox
Albanis Mouawad portrayed by Lincoln Younes
Phil Choi portrayed by Alex England 
Shammi Amaral portrayed by Mel Jarnson
Mamalo Amaral portrayed by Dorian Nkono
Director Bustard portrayed by Fayssal Bazzi
Josie Justice portrayed by Rebecca Breeds 
Jemima Justice portrayed by Bella Heathcote
Prime Minister Warren Whistle portrayed by Bryan Brown  
Colonel Bishop portrayed by Erik Thomson

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