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Week 07 2024 : Sat 10 Feb - Fri 16 Feb

Sat 03 Feb 2024


[Full series drop on ITVX on Monday 12 February]

Series overview

Welcome to a world where everyone over the age of 18 develops a superpower.

Everyone except for 25-year-old Jen, who is still waiting for her power to appear. Without a power, Jen feels like she’s being left behind. Her insecurities aren’t helped by the fact that she’s stuck in a dead-end job, and her occasional hook-up, Luke, is a fly-boy who has no intention of committing. Luckily, Jen has her best friend, Carrie, whose endless positivity stops Jen from falling into a well of self-pity. They share a flat with Carrie’s long-term boyfriend, Kash, and a stray cat who is named Jizzlord by the gang after an unfortunate incident. Adrift in a big, confusing world – and armed with nothing but a bit of hope and a lot of desperation – Jen begins her journey to find her maybe-superpower.

Episode 1: Have Nots

After a disastrous job interview where she reveals her lack of a superpower, Jen seeks solace in regular hook up and fly-boy, Luke. Taking in a stray cat, he’s christened Jizzlord after an unfortunate incident. Flatmates Carrie and Kash are mugged, inciting Kash to create a plan for a vigilante group. Lack of money makes Jen realise she will have to discover her power by herself.

Episode 2: Magic Bullets

The gang attempts to draw out Jen’s power by manufacturing stressful situations. Carrie tries taking her to the dentist, but it fails when Jen receives a dose of Valium. Kash goes for a more dramatic approach and kidnaps Jen, which backfires and they are forced to call upon a smug Andy to help out. Jizzlord transforms into a man but no one is there to see before he shifts back again.

Episode 3:Dead End Job

Kash sends a semi-feral Jizzlord outside whilst he assembles his vigilante group. A slick record executive invites Carrie to channel a dubious dead musician. It could be a huge money-making scheme but Carrie's nervous. She calls Jen who sees the opportunity for career fulfilment. When Kash’s vigilante meeting proves to be a muddled disaster, he is surprised when it’s Jizzlord who comes to his rescue.

Episode 4: Pet Project

Jen and Jizzlord try to discover who Jizzlord used to be, but multiple paths lead to dead-ends. A trip to the vet seems promising, and they get information from an old enemy from Jizzlord’s cat days. As the trail grows cold, Jizzlord worries he may not like the human he was. Carrie’s frustration with Kash’s vigilante group grows, and she considers getting in touch with Gordon to utilise his power, but worries it would be equivalent to cheating.

Episode 5: The Jen Show

Jen is dragged back to her old school for Andy’s prizegiving, who is receiving the top prize. Carrie has been invited to speak. A brush with their old school bully (now teacher) Rebecca, forces Carrie to reevaluate old moments with Jen. At home, Jizzlord tries to comfort a despondent Kash, crushed by his failure with the vigilantes. Jen uncovers Andy’s secrets but her plan for humiliation hurts Carrie as much as Andy.

Episode 6: The Real Powers are the Friends We Made

Jen makes a new powerless friend called Hannah at the power clinic, leading to a night of drunken debauchery. However, Hannah has less in common with Jen than she believed, and the friendship is short-lived. Carrie marks her territory around the flat, labelling all of her possessions that Jen is forbidden to use.
Jizzlord is forced to mediate between the girls. Kash begins the arduous process of apologising to his vigilante group.

Episode 7: The Merry Monarch

Jen concocts a plan to use Jizzlord’s feline talents to make some money and
enters Jizzlord-the-cat into a cat show. The performance doesn’t go to plan, but it certainly wows the audience. Carrie becomes infatuated with a deceased royal who is quite the charmer. Kash struggles to prioritise Carrie when he returns to the vigilantes. His obsession is exacerbated by the emergence of a rival group.

Episode 8: Surprise!

Kash decides to throw Carrie a spontaneous party in an attempt to salvage their relationship. His powers come in handy when avoiding the break-up chat. Jen’s love life becomes complicated, and with all her options in the same place, she struggles to be decisive and resist temptation. Jen and Mary come to a greater understanding of each other, while an old friend offers Jen a chance at the clinic.



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