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Hopefully our Resources pages have answered most questions, but here are some other questions we get asked.

I can't find the Programme Information (PI) I'm looking for?

We don't write Programme information (PI) for all of our programmes. If you need a wider range of programme information, you can subscribe to Billings information. This information provides a basic overview of a programme and may not be as detailed as PI. The Billings service is for media companies and subject to approval.

How can I preview or review ITV programmes?

We have an in-house website viewing service. This service is for print and online publications whose daily business is previewing ITV programmes. For review, most programmes are available on ITVX

Where can I get press advice on STV programme information?

STV Press Office:


I'm looking for archive footage from an old programme on ITV?

The ITV Archive is the gateway to over one million hours of iconic footage and creative moving imagery captured over three centuries  There is also a dedicated ITV Sports footage archive at www.itvsportarchive.com

Who do I contact about ITV Hub, competitions, games, voting and mobile on itv.com?

If you are one of our customers or viewers, please visit our help pages to see answers to our frequently asked questions and how to get in contact



Latest media releases

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Including Britain’s Got Talent launch - watched by more than 12m over the weekend, making it ITV’s biggest entertainment show this year

Vera The Rising Tide

The globally successful ITV and ITVX drama, produced by leading independent producers, Silverprint Pictures, will come to an end after filming of the new series


G’wed is ITV2’s most watched programme of the year after Love Island and across ITV’s channels, the show is the biggest sitcom launch since Kate and Koji in March 2020.

The 1% Club

The 1% Club has become the biggest game show on UK television over 2023 and to date with its current series averaging 5.8 million viewers in consolidated figures.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeway

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway final peaked with a massive 5.3m viewers last night, bringing the final series (for now) to a close with one almighty two-hour extravaganza.