Love Island: All Stars - Winners chat with Tom & Molly


Love Island All Stars

Love Island: All Stars - Winners chat with Tom & Molly

How does it feel to be the first ever All Star champions?

Tom: “It hasn’t sunk in for us both, it’s like a blur!”

Molly: “It’s like a dream, it’s actually really weird. Literally trying to process it. I don’t think it’s real yet. A big shock as well, we were well shocked!”

How was your Love Island experience overall?

Molly: “I would say at the start mine was pretty tragic but then when Tom came in, it really turned for the better. I actually really enjoyed it after he came in. I had a great time.”

Tom: “Mine was pretty plain sailing, I am not going to lie. I feel like I knew what I wanted before I came in and I went for that and then I came out with Moll! I like to stay out of the drama and I'm so happy to be with Molly.”

What were your favourite moments?

Molly: “Mine was our date, that was one of our favourite moments. It was beautiful as well. I liked The PDA’s as well, you know. Even though it was quite emotional, I liked seeing what had been going on. You got an insight and you saw what people had been hiding. But it’s quite hard to pick one moment!”

Tom: “I agree, our date was class, it was so nice. I liked it as well when we did the podium because we got hottest couple and most intelligent!”

What does the future hold now for you both?

Molly: “Tom is coming to Manchester. I can’t wait to go on normal dates and get back to reality.”

Tom: “I am moving back up North to be closer to my family, get back to football and hopefully back to Macclesfield F.C, if they will have me back.”

What is the biggest challenge that you both faced? 

Molly: “Probably walking in and seeing the back of my ex’s head and living with him 24/7. At first it was weird and awkward but then towards the end it was fine. We actually get on really well and Tom gets on with him which is great.”

Tom: “In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t get on with him but me and Cal do get on. I think he’s a good lad. Do you know what I think it makes Mol more attractive that she can get on with Callum. I think the biggest challenge for me was not having contact with my family as I really miss them and can’t wait to see them when I get back home.”



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