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The Agenda (series three)

Published: Mon 04 Feb 2013

The Agenda with Tom Bradby


Update: Tonight’s guests are Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, Columnist Amanda Platell, writer Anthony Horowitz, and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup.


Filmed in front of a studio audience at The Hospital Club in Central London, insightful discussion is interspersed with mini video packages to add humour and illustrate the week's key talking points.
Guests in series two, which saw record ratings for the programme, included all three party leaders - David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband - along with Harriet Harman, Boris Johnson, William Hague, Hugh Grant, Patrick Stewart, Fiona Shaw and Mariella Frostrup. David Cameron’s appearance marked the first time that a serving British Prime Minister had appeared on a panel show.
The Agenda ranges over dozens of topics - from tax avoidance to erotic literature – and comments made on the show that have made the news agenda include Ed Miliband calling for an independent inquiry to the BBC on Jimmy Savile and William Hague giving his views on the Act of Succession.