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James Nesbitt’s Ireland

Published: Sat 02 Mar 2013

Jimmy Nesbitt's Ireland ITV


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Steeped in history, culture and characters. This is a country with heart and with soul.”  James Nesbitt
James Nesbitt presents this brand new series on his native country Ireland, famed for its rugged volcanic landscapes, vast lakes, ancient traditions and the unique charm of the locals. Across eight episodes, James embarks on a thrilling adventure through the rich Irish landscape.  He explores his homeland and personally guides viewers through Irish life, touching on its culture, history, people and visiting places close to his heart along the way. 
Throughout the series James engages with Irish people from all walks of life, as he provides a fresh perspective on iconic landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway and natural wonders like the Black Cliffs of Moher, as well as less well-known places of interest including the traditional seaweed baths at Strandhill. 
In episode one, James heads down to the magical South West of Ireland. He says: “Miles of white sand and crystal clear waters. This stretch of coast was once cited as the most beautiful place on earth by National Geographic. The water might be a bit chilly, the sun may not always be shining, but the warmth of the Irish people will give you just as good a time.” 
In the tiny town of Dingle, James meets American-born brothers Shaun and Kieran Murphy who moved from the New York suburbs 12 years ago with their families to set-up an ice-cream business. Kieran says: “It’s very safe, you’ve got the sea, you’ve got the mountains…There’d be no place we’d rather raise children than here in Dingle.” James gets stuck-in sourcing ingredients for the business and discovers his inner child in the quest for the perfect flavour of ice cream: “Clove Rock was my mother’s favourite sweet and I have very fond memories of Clove Rock. Anything that brings back the memory of my mother and Clove Rock would make me very happy.” With Kieran’s help, ‘Nesbitts and Pieces’ flavoured ice-cream is soon born. 
Meanwhile the summer season is well underway at the famous Blarney Castle as thousands of tourists arrive to kiss the Blarney stone and share its myth and legend, thanks to the army of workers who run the estate. 
And James meets Justin and Jenny Green and their three children at Ballyvolane house, their country house hotel in the County Cork countryside close to the Blackwater River. Jenny explains: “It’s not really a hotel, it’s much more a home that we have guests in.  I think what’s really special for my children, is the fact we live here with their grandfather and their great-grandparents. It’s more common in Ireland and it’s just a lovely way to live.”
Stunning, captivating and endlessly surprising, the series paints an intimate and charming portrait of a country famous the world over.