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Gazza talks to ITV Daybreak (video)

Gazza ITV Daybreak

Former England football legend Paul Gascoigne has spoken to Daybreak in his first and only live TV interview since coming out of rehab in Arizona.

Gazza tells ITV Daybreak:
On drinking himself to the brink of death: I said please don't let me die I need to water the plants...
On ex-wife Sheryl: I get on well with Sheryl now.
On finding love: I’ve got a lot of love to give.
Gazza on Gazza: I love him he’s beautiful.
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Gazza was sent to the States a month ago after drinking himself to the brink of death.
Speaking to Daybreak presenters Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly, Gazza said he was taking recovery one day at a time.
He said: "I'm feeling good. I'm quite excited about what the future holds -  obviously I had such a bad time.
"When I went to the treatment centre they tried to detox us but they couldn't so they rushed me to hospital and that's where it got quite serious. I just remember the guy, the doctor at the treatment centre saying I don't think this guy is going to make it. I put my head up a little bit and I was tubed, I had tubes on my arms and body and getting injected and I just actually said please don't let me die I need to water the plants. The plants were more important than me. The plants passed away and I survived."
He added: “Well sometimes you try not to like, look too far ahead you know. I just try and keep it in the day as you get told but no I mean I really love being sober, I really do you know and sometimes I wonder why I drink but you know for me it’s nice being tipsy but then I go too far. You know sometimes I just don’t know when to stop.”
Gazza, who is often compared to another footballing legend George Best, said he didn’t agree with that comparison.  He said: “Well you know, God bless him he’s (George) passed away. I was friends with George but I just felt like George didn’t want to get well, I’m trying you know. I try so hard to do it. 
“Just have a little relapse then think ‘oh yeah go again’ you know but then I’ve got to be careful like I said you know because sometimes when I’m drunk people can take advantage of us.”
He continued: “Because a lot of it’s my wrongdoing you know and then obviously it’s the consequences I have to face after drinking. It was only two and half weeks you know and just shows how far it took us in two and half weeks like I was nearly dead.”
When asked whether he had been able to reconcile with his ex-wife Sheryl. He said: “Yes I get on well with Sheryl you know I just try and look forward to the future. Hopefully I’ll be seeing them today, take them out for lunch - hopefully she’s paying. 
“No I look forward to seeing them I haven’t seen them for a while. It’s nice to have that bond again, you know.”
He continued: “I didn’t ask to be an alcoholic but I must admit I worked on it. But unfortunately  I am an alcoholic and I’ve just got to remind myself of the consequences I actually did in regards to the loss of money, marriage and even the car. I’ll get them back in time it’s just a matter of just working at it. You know if I went to any lengths to get my drink then I’ve got to go to any lengths -  a bit more to stay sober you know.”
Gazza said he was feeling a lot more positive about himself now. Talking about himself he said: 
“I love him he’s beautiful. I just have to get my tooth fixed.”
Speaking about finding a new relationship he said his past demons were a problem. 
He said: “When I talk to a girl I ask her, because all my life is on Google or Youtube, and I ask her do you have Google or Youtube and if they say yeah then.. ‘well it was nice meeting you’”  
When asked whether he’d like to find love, he said: “Yeah hopefully like I said I think I’ve got a lot of love to give and that but sometimes I’ve got a lot of baggage behind us but you know if it comes along it’s ok I might meet them even in a fish and chip but I’ll have to go for a salad  - watch my weight.”
When asked what he’d like to be doing in five years time, Gazza said the main thing he hoped for would be that he was enjoying life. He said: “Maybe I’d like another kid or settled down but just enjoying myself you know I turned down loads of things I was invited to because I didn’t want to go because I didn’t have someone to take with us but the main thing is I just want to be available for everyone out there you know and if I’m good then I can make someone else good and help them as well I just feel I’ve got loads to offer and I’m enjoying life. Even though it was only six weeks ago I died in hospital a few times and I feel I’m back stronger than ever before. and I know I’ve said this before but you know but I’ve just got to keep it in the day, and look to the future as well you know.”