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ITV2 recommissions Girlfriends

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ITV2 has recommissioned Girlfriends for a second series, which follows the search for real love and the realities of dating.
Girlfriends, produced by Studio Lambert, follows three single women of different life experiences and backgrounds who are looking for ‘The One’. They all have a common goal – to find true love.
As they search for a partner, they will share their lives and emotionally support one another during the dating and decision-making process.  
The eight part series hosted by Emma Willis, follows the three single ladies on their quest for love. Each of the women will have to select men who they would like to ‘date’ but will the men feel the same way?  
Each week, viewers will follow our singletons as they embark on a series of dating scenarios with their potential suitors. The series will follow their preparations, nerves and trepidation as they get to know more about the men they have chosen.  
Each episode their ‘dates’ are whittled down until they have just one decision to make…. will our three single ladies finally meet their perfect guy or will they be left out in the cold? 
Girlfriends is a Studio Lambert production for ITV2.  Girlfriends was ordered for ITV2 by Angela Jain, Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions at ITV.  It was commissioned by Kate Maddigan, Commissioner, Entertainment at ITV.  Executive producer is Tania Alexander of Studio Lambert.