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  • Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant

    Wed 28 Jan 2015

    John Sergeant sets off on a rich and colourful voyage along the eight best canal journeys Britain has to offer, exploring their extraordinary stories as he goes.  

  • Richard Wilson On The Road

    Richard Wilson On The Road


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    Transmission: Mon 09 Feb 2015

    In this final episode Richard is following the Shell Guide to Oxfordshire, which excluded the famous city and concentrated on the wealth of other sights in the county on offer.

  • Botched



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    Transmission: Sun 08 Feb 2015

    In the multi-billion dollar world of plastic surgery, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...or is it?

  • Bad Builders Bang To Rights

    Bad Builders Bang To Rights


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    Transmission: Tue 10 Feb 2015

    In the final programme in the series, Dominic meets a single mum whose home was left uninhabitable by a builder, and he also catches up with a drainage company who have a succession of unhappy customers. 

  • Week 07 highlights

    Thu 22 Jan 2015

    Here are the ITV Week 07 programme highlights (7 - 13 February 2015). Please note: These highlights relate only to a selection of programmes broadcasting across the ITV family of channels.

  • Deirdre and Me ITV

    Deirdre and Me: A Tribute


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    Transmission: Tue 03 Feb 2015

    Another chance to see this documentary special looking at the woman behind those famous glasses, showing as a tribute to the late Anne Kirkbride and her 40-year career playing Deirdre Barlow on Coronation Street.

  • Martin Lewis Money Show

    The Martin Lewis Money Show


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    Transmission: Fri 06 Feb 2015

    Fighting to get the most from your money - The Martin Lewis Money Show returns for a new series just in time to help save money in the New Year

  • The Jonathan Ross Show

    The Jonathan Ross Show


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    Transmission: Sat 31 Jan 2015

    Jonathan welcomes Mel & Sue, Dame Diana Rigg and from hit show Benidorm, comedian Johnny Vegas.

  • Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans


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    Transmission: Tue 03 Feb 2015

    Animal lover Paul O’Grady travels to South Africa, Zambia and Namibia to meet wild animals that have been orphaned.

  • ITV logo hr

    Car Crash Britain


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    Transmission: Thu 05 Feb 2015

    In this programme we’ll see the most shocking road accidents, the worst crashes and the great escapes – astonishing moments, all filmed by the people actually involved in them.