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  • Richard Wilson On The Road

    Richard Wilson On The Road


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    Transmission: Mon 02 Feb 2015

    This week Richard is in Devon with the 1936 guide written by John Betjeman, who went on to become the much-loved poet laureate and broadcaster.

  • Bad Builders Bang To Rights

    Bad Builders Bang To Rights


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    Transmission: Tue 03 Feb 2015

    The majority of tradesmen are hardworking and reputable but for people unlucky enough to hire a bad builder the effects can be utterly devastating. 

  • Botched



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    Transmission: Sun 01 Feb 2015

    In the multi-billion dollar world of plastic surgery, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...or is it?

  • Week 05 highlights

    Thu 15 Jan 2015

    Here are the ITV Week 05 programme highlights (24 - 30 January 2015). Please note: These highlights relate only to a selection of programmes broadcasting across the ITV family of channels.

  • The Jonathan Ross Show

    The Jonathan Ross Show


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    Transmission: Sat 24 Jan 2015

    The Jonathan Ross Show features entertaining, open and exclusive interviews with stars from stage, screen, comedy and sport. 

  • Bring Back Borstal

    Bring Back Borstal


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    Transmission: Thu 29 Jan 2015

    In a unique experiment, 14 young troublemakers, half of whom have criminal convictions, have volunteered to become borstal boys, spending four weeks in a castle in Northumberland to bring the borstal back to life.

  • Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans


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    Transmission: Tue 27 Jan 2015

    Animal lover Paul O’Grady travels to South Africa, Zambia and Namibia to meet wild animals that have been orphaned.

  • ITV logo hr

    On Assignment


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    Transmission: Tue 27 Jan 2015

    Fronted by Rageh Omaar, ITV News’s award-winning team of specialist journalists contribute in-depth reports from around the world on unique stories, and the stories behind the headlines.

  • Martin Lewis Money Show

    The Martin Lewis Money Show


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    Transmission: Fri 30 Jan 2015

    Fighting to get the most from your money - The Martin Lewis Money Show returns for a new series just in time to help save money in the New Year

  • Churchill: 100 Days That Saved Britain


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    Transmission: Sun 25 Jan 2015

    This new partly-dramatised programme for ITV, which marks the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death, reveals how he overcame his demons to inspire Britain to repel German forces during his first three months as Prime Minister.