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  • Perspectives


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    Transmission: Sun 24 Mar 2013

    Actor Warwick Davis undertakes a poignant journey to explore the miraculous story of the Ovitz family, seven Jewish dwarf performers who survived against all the odds during the Second World War in this second programme of the Perspectives arts strand on ITV.

  • Jimmy Nesbitt's Ireland ITV

    James Nesbitt’s Ireland


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    Transmission: Mon 25 Mar 2013

    In episode two, James Nesbitt meets some people who have got the work/life balance just right.

  • The Agenda with Tom Bradby

    The Agenda (series three)


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    Transmission: Mon 11 Mar 2013

    Weekly discussion show The Agenda with Tom Bradby.

  • Terry Lloyd ITV ITN

    Who Killed my Dad? - The Death of Terry Lloyd


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    Transmission: Thu 21 Mar 2013

    This new ITV documentary follows war reporter Terry Lloyd’s daughter Chelsey as she retraces his steps by going to Iraq, where he was killed in 2003, as part of her deeply personal search for the truth about the circumstances of his death.

  • The Queen

    Our Queen


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    Transmission: Sun 17 Mar 2013

    This new landmark documentary paints an in-depth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II during one of the most momentous years of her reign.

  • The Big Reunion

    The Big Reunion


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    Transmission: Thu 14 Mar 2013

    This week, charts the rise and fall of Blue through interviews and archive as Blue join in with the last few days of rehearsals. 

  • Martin Lewis

    The Martin Lewis Money Show


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    Transmission: Thu 21 Mar 2013

    Back for a new series of money saving tips and advice. Martin Lewis and Saira Khan are in Yorkshire to show it's possible to claim Council Tax rebates worth thousands of pounds.

  • Food Glorious Food

    Food Glorious Food


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    Transmission: Wed 20 Mar 2013

    This week Carol Vorderman and the experts throw open the competition to the lovely folk of Brighton.

  • Terry Lloyd ITV ITN

    ITV commissions ITN documentary to mark ten-year anniversary of the death of Terry Lloyd

    Mon 04 Mar 2013

    ITV has commissioned a documentary from ITN Productions about the death of ITV News reporter Terry Lloyd.

  • Home Delivery ITV

    Home Delivery


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    Transmission: Thu 21 Mar 2013

    More and more women in the UK are going against convention and opting to labour at home instead of giving birth in a hospital. This one-off documentary provides intimate access into the homes of three couples, as they share the magical moment midwife Virginia brings new life into the world.