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  • ITV Week 25 highlights 2017

    Thu 08 Jun 2017

    Here are the ITV Week 25 programme highlights (Saturday 17 to Friday 23 June 2017).

  • Killer Women with Piers Morgan


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    Transmission: Thu 22 Jun 2017

    Killer Women with Piers Morgan returns to ITV with five more of America’s most notorious female murderers.

  • The Martin Lewis Money Show Live


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    Transmission: Tue 20 Jun 2017

    The Martin Lewis Money Show returns with an hour-long live special from the end of Bournemouth Pier, in which ITV’s financial guru will try to show how to get a blowout holiday without breaking the bank.

  • Love Your Garden


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    Transmission: Wed 21 Jun 2017

    The nation’s favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh returns with a brand new series of his hit ITV peak-time gardening programme, Love Your Garden.

  • Amazing Animal Births


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    Transmission: Mon 19 Jun 2017

    In this new six-part series, zoologist Lucy Cooke will be witnessing the miracle of life as she sees first-hand the incredible bond between a mother and her offspring - that extraordinary moment when a little baby comes into a huge world.

  • Trouble In Poundland


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    Transmission: Tue 20 Jun 2017

    As Britain battles tough economic times, we step inside Poundland. Filmed over the 12 months since the vote to Brexit, we’ll meet the pound shop customers who have become more bargain-hungry than ever.  

  • River Monsters


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    Transmission: Fri 23 Jun 2017

    In the far north of Australia a light aircraft carrying a group of aboriginal elders is forced to ditch in the sea. Six men find themselves in open water, and then disappear - almost without trace. Only a single severed leg is ever recovered.  

  • The Real Full Monty

    Tue 06 Jun 2017

    It was the box office smash of the 90s, not least for its iconic strip, and 20 years later, The Full Monty is back…with a twist.   

  • Peston on Sunday


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    Transmission: Sun 18 Jun 2017

    Robert Peston interviews the key political figures, newsmakers and cultural figures, while Allegra Stratton keeps us up to date with the big issues on social media. Join the conversation live on Sunday morning.

  • ITV Week 24 highlights 2017

    Fri 02 Jun 2017

    Here are the ITV Week 24 programme highlights (Saturday 10 to Friday 16 June 2017).