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Eat out to help out: How does the 50% discount work?

Families across the UK will be able to take advantage of huge discounts on dining out this summer as part of a new ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme launched by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

The nationwide promotion was launched as part of an effort to support the hospitality industry, and will see families enjoy discounts of 50% up to the cost of £10 per head on food and non-alcoholic drinks in a number of participating outlets.

However, the scheme has come under scrutiny recently with some arguing its incentivising people to eat cheap fast food, a direct conflict with the government’s plans to tackle the obesity crisis. 

So how does it work? We’ve got everything you need to know. 

WHEN CAN I CLAIM THE PROMOTION? The deal is valid from Monday to Wednesday from Monday 3rd August and ends on Monday 31st August. 


Diners will not need a voucher to take advantage of this scheme, it will be automatically available at participating outlets. You can search your local particpating at gov.uk.

Establishments will then be able to claim a reimbursement from the government for the discount. 


The discount is available on food and non-alcoholic drinks only, and is only valid for food consumed on the premises of the participating venue - so takeaways are not included. 

There is currently no limit on how many times people can claim the discount and it is also available for children. 

Participating venues are supposed to offer the 50% discount across the entire food menu Monday to Wednesday.

There’s no minimum spend and you don’t have to order food to be eligible for the scheme, for example a £3 coffee would cost £1.50 under the scheme. 

This offer can be used in conjunction with another promotion and discounts being offered by the venue. 


The discount cannot be used on alcoholic drinks, service charges or food for a private function or event 

You cannot use the discount on takeaways as it’s supposed to encourage families to eat out

Catering service, bed and breakfasts or mobile food vans are also not included in the promotion

Businesses must have the facilities for people to dine in to take part in the scheme 

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