Premier League care is key for horses says Owen

As the country looks toward the biggest horse race of the year, Liverpool legend Michael Owen explains how his football career has influenced his approach to equine welfare

Since winning almost everything there is to win in top-level football, Michael Owen has turned to his second passion, horse racing.

The former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, Stoke City and England striker has built a first-class horse racing operation based out of his Manor House Stables in Malpas, Cheshire. Owen’s approach to his horses’ welfare is as committed, determined and meticulous as his approach to football.

Owen has partnered with the racing’s Horse Comes First campaign on a new film that shows the world-class treatment given to his most valuable players – the equine residents of his Cheshire stables. The short film explains how the culture of winning at Manor House Stables is rooted in the belief that this requires healthy and happy horses.

Owen and his team outline the similarities between a stable of equine athletes and a team of top-level footballers. Michael and trainer Tom Dascombe, discuss their emphasis on injury prevention, using veterinary science, tailored diet and exercise regimes for horses, as well as therapeutic recovery treatments and detailed data monitoring and analysis.

Speaking about the film, football legend and owner of Manor House Stables, Michael Owen said:

“The resemblance between racehorses and footballers is uncanny, and the treatment and care they receive is a similar standard to what I was used to throughout my playing career.

Our trainers dedicate their lives to the horses and understand that each one is different and needs a certain level of special care. They know more than anyone that the animals are athletes, and they are treated as so.

At Manor House Stables we aim to prevent the injuries before they arise, and make sure our facilities stay world class to help keep our horses happy and premier league fit.”

The film enables viewers to delve into the dressing room of these wonderful animals, as Michael talks through the many similarities between his horses and footballers. Learn about the expertise and facilities in place at Manor House Stables – including a devoted team who dedicate their lives to the animals. From spas and swimming pools, to a resident vet that visits twice a day, the film shows the premier league care Michael’s horses receive.