Go behind the scenes of THE CRUISE!

All aboard the good ship TAKEAWAY!

For one night only, we waved goodbye to Takeaway Towers to bring you a series finale all the way from sunny Barcelona! And if that wasn't big enough, we did it on board a gigantic cruise ship! (Talk about pushing the boat out!)

So sip your sangria and get ready to head backstage with these exclusive behind the scenes snaps from the final show of the series! Adiós amigos!

Aye aye captain! What a bevy of beauties we have here.

EEK! Looks like Ant & Dec gave Stephen the finger

Hands up if you know the words to Mysterious Girl!

  • 2016
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Saturday Night Takeaway: Hall of Fame!

It's Hollywood's Kate Hudson!

We know you love a good celeb snap, and boy have we had some dazzling faces knock us off our feet at Takeaway Towers this series!

In honour of all the stars that have graced the stage these past seven weeks, feast your eyes upon the ever so aesthetically pleasing Saturday Night Takeaway Hall of Fame!

Little Ant & Dec put on their finest shirts to meet Mark Hamill

The Little Mix girls looking unbelievable in the Wild West Saloon!

  • 2016

10 things we've learnt from Saturday Night Takeaway

You've gasped, laughed and danced your way through the last seven weeks of Takeaway, but what about all those golden nuggets of information you've digested too?

Saturday Night Takeaway is nothing but educational, so let's have a quick recap of the key learnings we've taken away from the class of 2016...

ONE - You’re never too old to become an internet sensation.

TWO - Even the rich and famous sometimes struggle with the basics...

THREE - It doesn’t matter if you’re 35 or 6ft 7, there’s always time for a game of Hide and Seek

  • 2016

The Saturday Night Takeaway Awards 2016: The Results!

We asked you which Takeaway moments deserved an extra slice of appreciation, and the results are in!

Ladies and gentleman, this is the 2016 Saturday Night Takeaway Awards, and these are this year's award winning moments...

First up, the award for Best Ant vs Dec goes to... Human Pacman!

(Runner-Up: Fame-ily Fortunes | Third Place: On Yer Bike!)

The second award for prank of the series goes to the mystical, the magical, the very, very confused JAMES CORDEN!

(Well Ant & Dec really, James didn't know ANYTHING about this cheeky number!)

  • 2016

When Little Ant & Dec took over the cruise!

Ahoy there Little Ant & Dec!

With the Littles arriving a little earlier than their bigger counterparts, they felt it was of great importance that they had a good look around P&O Cruises Britannia to make sure everything was shipshape before the finale. Here's a look at what those cheeky scamps got up to when they met the Captain...

From Little Ant & Dec, with love...

"No need to panic Ant & Dec, it's ALL under control"

Saturday Night Takeaway 2016: The BEST BITS!

WHAT A SERIES! We've had more laughs, gasps, squeals and Simon Cowell reveals than you can shake a pranked James Corden at! But the fun doesn't stop there. Grab a hanky, and get your eyes around all those moments you'll never forget in the Saturday Night Takeaway MEGA MONTAGE!

Call yourself a Takeaway superfan? See if you can get 100% in the great big quiz of this series!

Go behind the scenes as we set sail for Barcelona!

  • 2016

Ant vs Dec: The Cube

It's still all to play for in the dramatic finale of Ant vs Dec! The games may be simple, but when played inside a cube, on board a cruise ship, with the nation watching their every move, things get a bit more complicated.

Just three games stand between the boys and gloating rights. Do they have what it takes to beat the cube? Hit play and see how they got on.

See how much you can remember in the great big quiz of the series!

Catch up on all the Ant vs Dec from this series!