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10 things we've learnt from Saturday Night Takeaway

You've gasped, laughed and danced your way through the last seven weeks of Takeaway, but what about all those golden nuggets of information you've digested too?

Saturday Night Takeaway is nothing but educational, so let's have a quick recap of the key learnings we've taken away from the class of 2016...

ONE - You’re never too old to become an internet sensation.

TWO - Even the rich and famous sometimes struggle with the basics...

THREE - It doesn’t matter if you’re 35 or 6ft 7, there’s always time for a game of Hide and Seek

FOUR - Lick an onion. It will change your life.

FIVE - There’s nothing quite as awkward as thinking you’ve been picked to Win The Ads, when you definitely haven't been picked to Win The Ads...

SIX - It only takes ONE PHOTO to put a smile on your face...

SEVEN - You can place a sofa in the wildest wilderness, and people will still find it.

EIGHT - David Walliams looks great in black.

NINE - THIS is how Jennifer Lawrence reacted to sampling spotted dick.

TEN - And finally, Ant can really pull off leopard print. Who'd have known?

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Logo of Saturday Night Takeaway
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Saturday Night Takeaway