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5 reasons to get excited about show five

We're not ones to make a song or dance out of any old matter, but if tonight's show doesn't get you singing and dancing around the living room in your onesie, then nothing will!

So cancel all plans from 7.10pm onwards (unless they include Saturday Night Takeaway, obviously) and pop a reserve sign on the sofa, here's five reasons why you need to get excited about tonight's show...

1. Hugh's in the booth!

He's handsome, he's a Hollywood megastar, and he's in our Guest Announcer's booth tonight! Lovely Hugh Jackman will be keeping an eye out for any rogue hoverboards, or members of the audience who may mistakenly think they've been picked out by the fickle Finger of Fate. It's what any good Wolverine would do...

2. Ant & Dec are in the closet!

Notebooks at the ready! Who Shot Simon Cowell? is BACK, and boy do things get interesting tonight! Ant & Dec are still on the run, but this time they've somehow managed to find themselves hiding in Cowell's closet. Whatever floats your boat.

3. Peter Crouch has some #tallpeopleproblems

Just when you thought you couldn't top the robot, Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch have decided to obey Ant & Dec's every command in Get Out Of Me Ear! It features even more of Crouchy's classic dance moves, so you know it's going to be good.

4. We're on TEN minutes later!

What's exciting about this? You may ask. Well just think of all the amazing things you can achieve in those ten minutes. You could order a gigantic pizza, write a love poem for your nearest and dearest, or, you know, just take an extra few minutes to take in your surroundings and evaluate what's really going on with the layout of your living room.

5. MAMMA MIA! We're getting all musical

Most night outs usually end with a solo performance of Dancing Queen in the local chippy, so we thought we'd save you the walk and bring the magic of the musicals to your telly screens instead. Don't forget to warm up those vocal chords and stretch out those legs, we don't want you to hurt yourselves...

Who do YOU think shot Simon Cowell? Have your say now.

Check out this exclusive clip of Abbey and Peter's Get Out Of Me Ear.

Logo of Saturday Night Takeaway
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Saturday Night Takeaway