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5 reasons to get excited for show four!

We don't want to toot our own horn, but show four is kind of a big deal. Think nail-biting drama, totally bonkers action and an End Of The Show Show that will leave you wanting to re-e-wind again and again and again, and well, you're only half way there...

Let's just take a second to go over the top five reasons to get incredibly excited for tonight's show...

1. WHO's the Guest Announcer?

It's only the former time-travelling doctor/evil supervillain/angsty detective David Tennant! He's done his fair share of universe travelling in a bid to vanquish evil for good, so we thought he'd appreciate the comforting surrounds of our Guest Announcer's booth. It's very safe and velvety...

2. Little Ant & Dec are BACK!


3. And they've had a natter with Jennifer Lawrence!

DOUBLE WOOHOO! Tonight the Littles have one of the world's most beautiful women at their mercy in an extra tasty edition of The Hungry Games! Oh, it's a tough life...

3. Mel B's gone barking mad...

Expect to cringe behind your cushion multiple times. Mel B is under strict instructions to obey Ant & Dec's every command as they go into her ear for even more mischief-making. And before you ask, yes, that is a doggy catwalk.

5. Craig David's all over your... End Of The Show Show!

Ant & Dec. Craig David. And something EXTRA TOP SECRET! Need we say anymore? Good, because we're sworn to secrecy.

You know what to do! 7pm, ITV. See you there!

Here's your first look at Jennifer Lawrence in The Hungry Games!

Watch this sneak peek of Mel B's Get Out Of Me Ear before tonight's show.

Logo of Saturday Night Takeaway
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Saturday Night Takeaway