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8 reasons to get excited about the final show!

Sailors hats at the ready! We're going all continental and coming to you live from Barcelona in an End Of The Series SPECTACULAR. But don't just take our word for it, cast your eyes upon these eight solid reasons why tonight's grand finale is going to really push the boat* out.

*Well, giant cruise ship, but you get the idea.

1. We're on a boat!

Or more specifically, we're all aboard the glorious P&O Cruises Britannia to bring a taste of Spain right to your living room! Sailor hats and uniforms recommended, but not mandatory.

2. Ahoy there James Nesbitt!

We wouldn't want him to get Cold Feet (heh, heh) so we've booked him a stay in the fanciest Guest Announcer's booth this side of the Mediterranean. Seating is minimal, and he will have to say a few lines every now and then, but other than that it's a 5 Star holiday experience!

3. Little Ant & Dec serve up a treat!

And we're not talking about another helping of The Hungry Games. This time Andy Murray is on hand to teach the Littles a thing or two about tennis. Mainly, how to grunt like you mean it, which is pretty integral to tennis success.

4. Tanning oil at the ready!

Peter Andre will be taking us back to a time when life was simple. When all you needed were killer abs, some oil and an exotic waterfall. Get ready for wiggle your hips and vocal cords in the Singalong Live!

5. We find out who shot Simon Cowell!

Finally! After weeks of head scratching, note-taking, and utter confusion, Ant & Dec will reveal who pulled the trigger on Simon Cowell. Think you know who the guilty partner is? Have your say in our poll!

6. It's the final Ant vs Dec

Dec might be in the lead, but it's still all to play for in tonight's very special Ant vs Dec! And tonight, the games get EVEN TOUGHER. No pressure boys, no pressure.

7. The End Of The Series End Of The Show Show!

Little Ant knows the score! Now we don't like to let a series end quietly, so we're making a whole song and dance about it! No, really. Prepare for dazzling dance moves, some serious acrobatics and a jolly good singalong. See how many famous faces you can spot!

8. And of course, there's....

...Some very top secret things that we can't reveal. Oh we do tease you. Until then, you can look at these nifty behind the scenes snaps we've captured on board the ship!

You know what to do. 7pm. ITV.

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Logo of Saturday Night Takeaway
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Saturday Night Takeaway