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Job Spec: Could you be Mel B's dog sitter?

So you want to be Mel B's dog sitter, eh? Think you've got what it takes to impress the woman who introduced the world to girl power? Take a look at the job spec below and see just how well your skills match up...

Job Title: Dog sitter to the starsReporting to: Mel B (or as she prefers to be called, "the best Spice Girl of them all.")

Candidate requirements

1. Must be great at multi-tasking

The ideal candidate will be able to manage multiple tasks at once, and still look extra sassy.

2. An exceptional eye for detail

Previous experience in moustache illustration preferable, but not essential.

3. Must take an active interest in Mel B's career.

But positive vibes only, please.

4. Somebody who is willing to go above and beyond the job requirements.

5. Must be proficient in doggy yoga.

Or at least have the desire to learn...

7. Experience with wigs desirable, but not essential.

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