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5 BIG Questions: Who Shot Simon Cowell? Episode Two

Simon's been shot. Walliams has been shot. And Ant & Dec keep shooting themselves in the foot (metaphorically anyway) after being spotted in the very wrong place at the very wrong time. Oh guys, this is becoming a bit of a habit now.

But that's not all! Here's the BIG questions from episode two...

1. What clues does the CCTV footage hold?

Before beginning the epic 30 second dramatic monologue as Gun Victim Number Two, Walliams let slip to Ant & Dec that CCTV footage from Cowell's mansion would finally reveal what really happened the night of the shooting. Will we finally unmask the real criminal? Or did Sinitta's palm leaves get in the way of the all-important shot?

2. How does David look THIS good?

Despite witnessing such shocking scenes in the Cowell mansion, the fashion icon stepped out in a flowing lace dress, teamed with statement sunglasses, a simple, yet elegant silver pendant, and a classic nude lip to pull the whole look together. A real fashion triumph.

3. What's so wrong with Eternal Love?

We all make mistakes. Ant & Dec just made theres in a very public manner. Don't let one PJ & Duncan mishap cloud your judgment.

4. Who shot David Walliams?

There's another twist in the tale! Not only has Walliams been shot, he's also going for a BAFTA with this jaw-dropping, heartfelt, and above all, incredibly realistic performance. Sublime work.

5. Did Keith Lemon shoot Simon Cowell?

Probably not. Keith loves a bit of air time, but could he really muster up the courage to pull the trigger?

Only time will tell. Take the Who Shot Simon Cowell? quiz and see if you can join the 100% club!

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