“ITV wants to invest in your ideas. In 2020 we are launching a brand new initiative – Studio 55 Ventures. We’re looking for teams of entrepreneurs who can create the media and entertainment businesses of tomorrow. It’s an opportunity to be part of something big and we need ideas to match.”

Carolyn McCall DBE, CEO, ITV

Do you have a strong idea of what young adults want from apps, services and content that they're not getting today? This is your chance to build an innovative business, with ITV backing you all the way

Studio 55 Ventures, by ITV are looking for small teams – or exceptional individuals – with big ideas. We want to hear from driven people to join our latest talent programme and prove themselves to be our next business partner.

If you are an entrepreneur who dreams about starting your own media business, this is the perfect opportunity to flourish. We’ll give you the tools, backing and funding to turn your ambitions into a reality. You’ll learn how to develop your concept into a powerful business model and launch it to the world.

We're not looking for the next Love Island, we're looking for a media landscape gamechanger. These could be in the form of streaming platforms, eSport apps or even the next TikTok. We want to hear about your innovation and why 16-34-year-old’s need it in their lives.

How it works

First of all, you’ve got to be in it to win it and get your application in. Then, we'll invite 8 of the best teams to join the programme. You'll work with us through different stages designed to test, prove and develop your ideas. There will be plenty of challenges for all our budding business partners, but it's important we find out together whether our partnership is the right fit for each other. Find out in more detail what the programme involves here.

Build your business case

The first step is to spend six weeks turning your idea into a presentable business case. You'll then pitch this to investors and successful models will be selected to develop further.

every team will receive a one-off £10K payment

Create a prototype

Teams will work full-time for 3 months with us to user-test and develop their idea into an actual prototype. We’ll choose the best to come onboard with us.

teams will get a further payment and a prototyping budget

Start your business with us

Successful teams will be given full backing to turn their prototype into a fully scaled business within ITV.

salary, funding and support, plus bonuses

“I’m an established business, can I still apply?”
No, not if you already have products in the market or you’ve received any type of institutional funding.

“Okay, but what if I don’t currently work in the media?”
That’s okay, you just need to have an idea that is media-related and show why you’d be well suited to build this business. Find the full selection criteria here.

“So, I’ve got this reality show concept about dinner dating in the dark. Interested?”.
Sounds intriguing, but we’re not looking for new TV show pitches here. Find out more about what we’re looking to invest in.

Why ITV?

You need to prove to us you’ve got what it takes – so it’s only fair that we reveal a bit more about what makes ITV a great partner:

Our channels reach 90% of the UK population every week

ITV Hub has over 31m registered users in the UK, with 80% of 16-34 year olds signed up

We invest £1.1 billion annually in content for our UK family of channels

We have lots of exclusive IP - from independent programming to big drama and entertainment shows

Our ITV talent - think Ant and Dec, Piers Morgan, Holly & Phil - set us apart from the rest

We are More Than TV, with revenue from our direct to consumer businesses reaching millions each year.

We’ll give full support to all candidates joining the Studio 55 Ventures, by ITV programme. You'll receive professional mentoring, financial support and access to our state of the art facilities and data insights.

Got what it takes? What are you waiting for?
Apply today to become part of the future of ITV.

Apply Now

Frequent Questions

  • Do I need a business idea?

    Yes. All applicants will be asked to give details on the business they want to build and why it's needed when applying to the programme. Unfortunately we will not accept applications from people without a business idea.

  • Do I need a team?

    We are primarily looking for teams of 2-3 people, however, we will consider solo applicants or teams of more people in exceptional cases

  • Can I apply with an existing business?

    We are primarily looking for applicants who have yet to start their business and have not yet incorporated a company. That being said, if you are running a business that you feel could benefit from becoming part of ITV and utilising ITV's assets, and you have not yet received any institutional funding, we may consider your application.

  • Do I need to have started a business before?

    No. The programme is open to people of all backgrounds, and we do not expect all applicants to have experience as a founder or even working at a start-up. ITV will provide support and coaching to upskill you as a founder and create a successful business. We will, however, be looking for evidence that you are a self-starter and motivated to create a large, impactful business.

  • Can I apply if my background isn’t in media?

    Yes, provided your idea relates to the media industry and you are able to articulate why you are the best person to build that business.

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