Boys Team

All About Tom

Your eyes do not deceive you, Tom really is 6 foot 5. This personal trainer is ready to make an impact in The Lodge, telling us: "I would describe myself as very confident, big and impulsive. My friends would describe me as loud and the centre of attention."

He's raring to put his physicality to the test in the Challenges. "The boys should win because we are stronger, we tend to be better at sport and physical exercises and on that basis, we should win," he says.

All About Joel

Model Joel is the first replacement for the Boys, and is raring to prove himself. "We should win because we are doing it for man’s honour. It goes back to the Alpha male thing – we are the leader, the strong ones and we need to do it for the men," he tells us.

Despite being physically fit, Joel says it's his personality that will take him through to the end. "I get along with everybody and people warm to me very quickly so I think people will side with me," he reveals, adding: "I’m cheeky, I push the boundaries but I will make you laugh and I’ve got a heart of gold."

Meet Callum

Name: Callum Pardoe
Age: 21
Occupation: Student and Life Guard
"I want people who are there for the same reason I am - to have a laugh and a good time, not make enemies."

Meet David

Video guidance This video contains strong language, adult humour and sexual references

Name: David Lundy
Age: 26
Occupation: Fitness Model
"The way I portray myself is this muscly pretty boy, but I am also quite intelligent."

Meet James

Name: James Middleton
Age: 24
Occupation: Sports Media Manager
"My biggest fear is if I fall head over heels for a girl and I've made some strong bonds with the guys, because it'll be tough to decide what I'm going to do."

Meet Ryan

Name: Ryan Cleary
Age: 27
Occupation: Jeweller
"I can be a bit of a charmer, I think that helps and hopefully will help me glide through to the final."