In Pictures: The Girls face The Ultimate Team Challenge

They've faced some tough times, fractured friendships and TWO Survival Challenges, but the Girls were feeling stronger than ever as they entered The Ultimate Team Challenge, having won four consecutive Challenges leading up to the final.

None of that mattered as the Girls fought for the title through one last gruelling battle. Take a look at the pictures as Jenny, Mariam, Mettisse and Sam gave it their all in The Ultimate Team Challenge.

Game faces were out in full force as the start whistle sounded...

In Pictures: The Boys tackle the Ultimate Team Challenge

The four OGs have been battling it out since day 1, but they had one more mountain to climb - The Ultimate Team Challenge. The Boys gave it their all through mental and physical rounds under the heat of the South African sun, before climbing the pyramid to hit that final buzzer. Take a look at the action as David, James, Tristan and Warren fought for the title.

The Boys set off - and the determination was clear

Your final Teams!

It's been an incredible three weeks of blood, sweat and tears, but your final eight are ready to fight it out in one last battle - the one that really counts. It's Boys vs Girls in The Ultimate Team Challenge, and only one sex can come out on top and take home the £40,000 cash prize...

Let's take a look at the four Boys and four Girls who have made it to the final of Survival of the Fittest.

In Pictures: Pick Up The Pieces

We could smell the hormones in the air as the Teams entered the penultimate Challenge. With the Boys desparate to end their losing streak, and the Girls riding high after three consecutive wins, this Challenge stakes had never been higher.

With both Teams aware that this would be their last Challenge as a five, let's see how Pick Up The Pieces went down.

In Pictures: The Slam Sunk Challenge

Our Teams had an unmistakable sinking feeling heading into the Challenge, not least because we gave them each a boat full of holes…

Armed with buckets, David and Shanice wasted no time trying to sink the opposition’s boat as quickly as possible, while Hayley and Tristan concentrated on throwing as many balls into their target before they hit the bed of the lake.

Hayley’s laser aim saw her take an early lead, while Shanice took no prisoners and lashed water into the Boys’ boat - and into David’s face. The Boys put up a good fight but they soon sank without a trace, and it was an easy win for the newest members of the Girl squad. Take a look at the pics...

In Pictures: The Floor Is Lava

Clear communication was required to take the win in the Team Challenge, as our Boys and Girls attempted to make their way across a course without touching the floor.

But with 12 voices, 12 sets of muscles and a whole lot of awkward equipment to contend with, it was never going to be smooth sailing.
Take a look at the pictures as our Teams got hot and bothered in The Floor Is Lava...

The Girls are playing catch up after their initial tactics didn't work...

In Pictures: The Double Date

There was plenty of horsing around as Mariam and Hayley decided to take Warren and David on a double date. As they enjoyed a little horse ride, the other Girls were left contemplating their fate knowing that for one of them, it was their final day in The Lodge.

Take a look at these cute pictures as our pairs got to know each other a little better, and Mariam admitted that she fancied Warren...

In Pictures: The Leave Me Hanging Challenge

What goes up must come down, and as our Teams clung onto their suspended beams for survival, it wasn't long before they started to drop. Check out the pictures as our buff Boys and Girls let things slip and make an almighty splash.

Poor David continued his less than perfect Challenge record and was the first to go

All that muscle makes one hell of an impact