In Pictures: Boys' Day Out

With tensions running high among the Girls ahead of Lottie and Georgia's head-to-head battle to stay in The Lodge, the Boys were treated to a day out. Far away from the drama and gossip, the Boys revelled in their winning streak and took in a bit of wildlife, before relaxing in some stunning surroundings. Take a look at the pictures...

In Pictures: The In A Spin Challenge

Our Teams weren't quite sure if they were coming or going in today's Team Challenge. Four teammates were left dazed and confused as they attempted to pass balls out of a pit while being spun like a human Catherine wheel and simultaneously shot with a water cannon. Sounds like fun to us...
The aim was to pass as many balls as possible along the Teams and into a crate. Let's check out the action.

They're off! There's a lot going on here isn't there?

In Pictures: The Buoy Code Challenge

Our Teams got themselves back in the zone and geared up for the first ever Reward Challenge - Buoy Code. Blossoming relationships were set aside as the Girls looked to bounce back from defeat, while the Boys focussed on continuing their winning streak.

Things got wet and wild as the Teams attempted to crack the code and take home the win. Take a look at the pictures as the drama unfolded.