Georgie Clarke

The Boys decide which Girl's game is over

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For the second time, the fate of the Girls lies in the Boys' hands. It's game over for one of them - which Girl will be told to leave The Lodge, and how will she handle the decision?

The Girls' celebrations don't last long

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Despite the Girls Team taking their first win in the Reward Challenge, Lottie's efforts are the topic of conversation back at The Lodge. Lottie gets upset when she hears what's being said, so Georgie tries to clear the air.

In Pictures: The first Challenge

Our Boys and Girls barely had time to unpack their suitcases before they were hauled off for their very first challenge - and WOW, it was a messy one.

Six rounds saw one Girl and one Boy go head-to-head in a bid to take down the opposite sex. But it wasn't all about the muscle - with physical AND mental feats to overcome.

There were tears, tantrums and a whole lot of drama - take a look as things got serious for our Teams.

All About Georgie

Georgie reckons she’s got the brains as well as the beauty - so don’t underestimate this fearless female!

“I have a lot to offer in the sense of intellectual conversation, and I’m all about female empowerment,” she says.

  • Georgie Clarke

Meet Georgie

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Name: Georgie Clarke
Age: 25
Occupation: Research and Development Tax Credit Consultant
"It doesn't matter how tired I am, or how annoyed I am about something, I'm always going to find the energy within me to get what I want and win."

  • Georgie Clarke