Hayley Madigan

Callum and Hayley miss out on the final

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After James and Mariam are sent into the final by the public, the final member of each of the Teams is picked by the opposition. Both Teams make a tactical choice to get rid of the enemy's strongest, and Callum and Hayley have the final swiped from their grasp.

In Pictures: The Double Date

There was plenty of horsing around as Mariam and Hayley decided to take Warren and David on a double date. As they enjoyed a little horse ride, the other Girls were left contemplating their fate knowing that for one of them, it was their final day in The Lodge.

Take a look at these cute pictures as our pairs got to know each other a little better, and Mariam admitted that she fancied Warren...

The Teams cling on for survival

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The Leave Me Hanging Team Challenge sees our buff beauties suspended above a lake, very much hoping not to get their hair wet. It's a mean test of endurance, and while some soon take the plunge, newbie Hayley impresses with an almighty effort for the Girls. But is it enough to beat all that muscle on the Boys and keep the ladies safe?

Fearless Hayley joins the Girl squad

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One out means one in for the Girls, and fearless personal trainer Hayley makes a confident entrance into The Lodge. As David instantly perks up at her arrival, the Teams wonder if she will she be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Girl squad.

All About Hayley

Personal trainer Hayley describes herself as a "confident, strong, independent female who wants to empower other women" - exactly what's needed on the Girls Team then!

"I want to show that Girls can do it on their own, they don’t have to build relationships like some of the others in The Lodge," she tells us, adding: "They can enjoy the Boys’ company but still be on the Girls Team."

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