James Middleton

Lodge Exclusive: The Teams tackle the Treehouse Test

The Teams may be heading into their penultimate Challenge, but we've got the real battle right here - an ancient mathematical puzzle. Yep, the Boys take on the Girls in their most gruelling, intense, nail-biting test to date. Perhaps.

A win is still a win - so who will leave the Treehouse Test with their pride intact, and who will be thwarted by this innocent looking puzzle?

The Teams play dirty in Clear As Mud

It's time for the Teams to get down and dirty in the Reward Challenge. Mariam and Lottie race against David and James to be the first pair to crack the symbol code and find the missing letters - buried in a pit of mud. Which Team plays dirty enough to take the win?

James attempts to make amends with Ryan

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Things are tense between James and Ryan after the Chelsea boy made a move on Georgie. But with an important Team Challenge looming, he attempts to make amends to bring the Boys back together.

In Pictures: The Buoy Code Challenge

Our Teams got themselves back in the zone and geared up for the first ever Reward Challenge - Buoy Code. Blossoming relationships were set aside as the Girls looked to bounce back from defeat, while the Boys focussed on continuing their winning streak.

Things got wet and wild as the Teams attempted to crack the code and take home the win. Take a look at the pictures as the drama unfolded.