Joel Bennett

Joel is last in, first out of The Lodge

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The Girls feel the weight of their win and have to decide whose time in The Lodge is up. After some intense deliberations, newest Boy Joel is told he will be replaced and says a swift goodbye to the Teams.

Joel and Georgia are caught kissing

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Joel looks for some privacy to make his move on Georgia, but they've got an audience and news of their kiss quickly spreads around The Lodge.

The vulnerable Boys turn on one of their own

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With the public vote looming, the Boys finally start to crack under the pressure and turn on their newest recruit, Joel, in a bid to keep themselves safe. Will their less-than-complimentary discussion come back to haunt them at the replacement?

All About Joel

Model Joel is the first replacement for the Boys, and is raring to prove himself. "We should win because we are doing it for man’s honour. It goes back to the Alpha male thing – we are the leader, the strong ones and we need to do it for the men," he tells us.

Despite being physically fit, Joel says it's his personality that will take him through to the end. "I get along with everybody and people warm to me very quickly so I think people will side with me," he reveals, adding: "I’m cheeky, I push the boundaries but I will make you laugh and I’ve got a heart of gold."

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