Lottie James

Lottie and Georgia fight for survival

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Time is ticking for Lottie and Georgia as they battle it out to secure their place in The Lodge. As they run across a suspended beam to keep their sand timers moving, it's Lottie who loses out and has to say goodbye to the Teams.

The Teams play dirty in Clear As Mud

It's time for the Teams to get down and dirty in the Reward Challenge. Mariam and Lottie race against David and James to be the first pair to crack the symbol code and find the missing letters - buried in a pit of mud. Which Team plays dirty enough to take the win?

The Girls' celebrations don't last long

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Despite the Girls Team taking their first win in the Reward Challenge, Lottie's efforts are the topic of conversation back at The Lodge. Lottie gets upset when she hears what's being said, so Georgie tries to clear the air.