Lottie James

Upset Lottie cracks under the pressure of the Challenge

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With the Girls feeling crushed after another defeat in the Team Challenge, a tearful Lottie feels like the blame is being placed on her. She turns to Warren, who is more than happy to comfort her.

Lottie is Warren's cup of tea

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After getting to know Lottie a little better the previous evening, Warren's got one thing on his mind, and it's not the upcoming Challenge. Will our Welsh beauty mess with Warren's head - and his game?

FIRST LOOK: Has Lottie lost her bottle?

It's time for the second Team Challenge, and the Girls are desperate for a win. Our Boys and Girls need to dig deep in order to stay safe, but Lottie struggles to get down and dirty.

Find out how it plays out tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Callum and Lottie head off on safari

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Callum and Lottie buckle up as they head off on a wild safari for the very first date. Lottie keeps her eyes peeled for some ferocious beasts... but it's Callum that's going in for the kill!

All About Lottie

Blonde beauty Lottie James is our first replacement to enter The Lodge - and she's sure to set the Boys' temperatures soaring.

The 22-year-old is the picture of innocence, but she's ready to work her charm, telling us: "My flirtatious side will come out so that might make the Boys’ games a little weaker."

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