Mariam Musa

Lodge Exclusive: The Teams tackle the Treehouse Test

The Teams may be heading into their penultimate Challenge, but we've got the real battle right here - an ancient mathematical puzzle. Yep, the Boys take on the Girls in their most gruelling, intense, nail-biting test to date. Perhaps.

A win is still a win - so who will leave the Treehouse Test with their pride intact, and who will be thwarted by this innocent looking puzzle?

In Pictures: The Double Date

There was plenty of horsing around as Mariam and Hayley decided to take Warren and David on a double date. As they enjoyed a little horse ride, the other Girls were left contemplating their fate knowing that for one of them, it was their final day in The Lodge.

Take a look at these cute pictures as our pairs got to know each other a little better, and Mariam admitted that she fancied Warren...

Mariam escapes the Survival Challenge

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Laura pays a surprise visit to the Teams, and reveals that after losing the Team Challenge, four Girls will go head-to-head in a brutal battle to be the last lady standing. With new Girl Hayley safe, the Boys decide that Mariam's place in The Lodge should also remain... for now.

Callum ends his relationship with Mariam

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After wrestling with his feelings, Callum decides to come clean to Mariam and ends their relationship. She graciously keeps her cool in front of him, but soon breaks down in front of bestie Mettisse. Will they be able to remain friends for the sake of The Lodge?