The Ultimate Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching the final?

20 sexy singles, countless Challenges, endless laughs and plenty of tears - that was one hell of a series, and our Teams' time in The Lodge is now up! The Girls proved their worth when it mattered the most and are the winners of Survival of the Fittest.
They made it count in one final Challenge and now it's your turn to do the same - see how closely you were paying attention to the final with The Ultimate Audience Challenge!

The Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching Day 19?

The Teams could almost taste the final... but they had one more Challenge to win first. The Girls winning streak continued in Pick Up The Pieces and the Boys resorted to dirty tactics in a bid to break the Girls apart. There wasn't room for everyone in the The Lodge though, and Callum and Hayley had their place in the final snatched from their grasp by the opposite Team.
See if you can compete like a champion and smash The Audience Challenge from the penultimate day!

Overheard in The Lodge Day 19: Who said that?

Some of the Teams were flying high after being sent straight into the final, others were feeling left out, and a few were left feeling the pressure. It led to a fair few tears and plenty of comments around The Lodge on Day 19 as emotions ran high - can you work out who said what?

The Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching Day 18?

The Teams can almost taste the final... so it was only right that we delivered them a plot twist to keep them on their toes, right?
After an intense day that saw an emotional reunion between Callum and Warren, and a tough Challenge that left the Boys bruised by another defeat, the Teams had to pick their two strongest to send into the final. All that pressure finally got to our Boys and Girls, who later went wild on the catwalk.
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Overheard in The Lodge Day 18: Who said that?

For one little Lodge, there really is a lot of juicy chat. There was plenty to say when the Teams were made to turn on themselves and pick two from their own Team to go straight into the final. Oof. See if you can match the Teams to their whisperings...

The Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching Day 17?

Ooooohhhh drama, drama, drama. Tensions rose between Callum and Warren and their friendship took a nosedive - will it affect the Boys as they approach the final? Elsewhere the newest members of the Girls Team, Hayley and Shanice, pulled the plug on the Boys in the Challenge and cruised to the win. The celebrations were short lived though, as the public vote sent Shanice and Tom packing and they left The Lodge.
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Overheard in The Lodge Day 17: Who said that?

The Lodge walls were full of cracks as Callum and Warren clashed over Mariam. There was speculation in both Teams as they started to sense that the final was drawing near, but it was game over for Tom and Shanice as they walked over the bridge for the last time.

See if you can suss out who said what in the quiz below.