Sam Dewhurst

Georgia and Sam are left to fight for their place in The Lodge

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After being beaten by Jenny and Mettisse in the first two rounds, Sam goes up against bestie Georgia in the final gruelling round of the Survival Challenge. Only one of them can return to The Lodge, and it's neck and neck until the very end...

The Boys are shook by Sam's arrival

New replacement Sam makes an instant impact as she enters The Lodge. The Boys struggle to keep their cool and soon figure out that three of them are attracted to her. Will she cause them to lose focus when it comes to the Challenges?

All About Sam

Bubbly Sam loves to smile - but don't be fooled by those dimples - she's fighting fit and here to win, telling us: "I think everyone wants to see that battle [between the Girls and Boys] and it's enticing."

"I feel I’m most suited to this type of show because of what I do in my spare time which is gym and fitness, she says, adding: "I love to be challenged in life."

  • Sam Dewhurst