Tia Latham

Take the Audience Challenge: Were you watching?

We saw temperatures soar as our Boys and Girls met for the first time and embraced their new life of luxury in The Lodge. But their excitement was short lived as they learned that their first Challenge was just around the corner, with brutal consequences for the losing Team.

Our Boys and Girls battled it out, and now it's your turn. Take our quiz to see how closely you were watching...

All About Tia

Our sassy model from Buckinghamshire is more than ready to push herself on the show. “I’m excited about the challenges - it’s all about facing your fears,” she tells us.

“I’m a risk taker, I like to take risks so for me, I’m daring myself."

  • Tia Latham

Meet Tia

Name: Tia Latham
Age: 28
Occupation: Model
"I’ve not come across anyone as genuine as me, so my weakness will be sussing out who is genuine and who is not."

  • Tia Latham