Tristan Jones

The Boys' plan to break the Girls apart backfires

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Hurting after their fourth consecutive Challenge loss, Tristan and Callum plot to mess with the Girls' minds in a bid to put them on edge for the final. But their plan drastically backfires and only makes the Girls mad at them, not each other.

Tristan asks Mettisse to be his girlfriend

Video guidance This video contains strong language

The Lodge's most chill resident has had his heart melted, and Tristan decides to make his relationship with Mettisse official. Luckily, he doesn't feel in the slightest bit awkward about being a 'wet wipe'...

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We saw temperatures soar as our Boys and Girls met for the first time and embraced their new life of luxury in The Lodge. But their excitement was short lived as they learned that their first Challenge was just around the corner, with brutal consequences for the losing Team.

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All About Tristan

20-year-old Tristan says he’s got both the looks and the personality to take him far in the competition.

“I’m very confident and cheeky and always smiling. I’d describe myself as funny, good looking and charming.”

  • Tristan Jones

Meet Tristan

Name: Tristan Jones
Age: 20
Occupation: Model
"If the girls are not feeling me, that would be a nightmare!"

  • Tristan Jones