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Callum and Hayley miss out on the final

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After James and Mariam are sent into the final by the public, the final member of each of the Teams is picked by the opposition. Both Teams make a tactical choice to get rid of the enemy's strongest, and Callum and Hayley have the final swiped from their grasp.

The Boys' plan to break the Girls apart backfires

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Hurting after their fourth consecutive Challenge loss, Tristan and Callum plot to mess with the Girls' minds in a bid to put them on edge for the final. But their plan drastically backfires and only makes the Girls mad at them, not each other.

The Boys Pick Up The Pieces as the Girls win the Challenge

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The stakes have never felt higher as the Teams take on their penultimate Challenge. Although the Boys sprint to an early lead, the puzzle leaves them scratching their heads.. As the Girls take their fourth win in a row, the Boys - and their puzzle - are left in pieces.

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The Rhino Rap makes David emotional

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The Boys want to pick up a deflated David and decide write him a rap. The touching gesture proves a little overwhelming, and he soon realises how much the Boys care about him.

SNEAK PEEK: Two must go before the final

The final is within the Boys and Girls' reach... but there's one too many on each Team.

The Girl and Boy with the most public votes keep their place, but who takes the final spot is down to the opposition.

Who will make it through? The final eight are revealed tonight at 9pm.

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