Warren Phillips

Callum and Warren make amends

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Losing one of their Team puts things into perspective for Warren and Callum, who reunite after a tense few days, and the Teams breathe a sigh of relief.

The Boys Team cracks as Callum and Warren argue

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While discussing which Girls to keep safe from the public vote, things get a bit tense for the Boys, as news of Mariam and Warren's kiss reaches Callum.

In Pictures: The Double Date

There was plenty of horsing around as Mariam and Hayley decided to take Warren and David on a double date. As they enjoyed a little horse ride, the other Girls were left contemplating their fate knowing that for one of them, it was their final day in The Lodge.

Take a look at these cute pictures as our pairs got to know each other a little better, and Mariam admitted that she fancied Warren...

FIRST LOOK: Mariam moves on... to Warren

Dusting herself off after Callum called time on their romance, Mariam invites Warren on a date. She soon admits that she fancies him, and is clearly happy when he says he feels the same. Callum who?

Watch things heat up between Mariam and Warren tonight at 10pm on ITV2.

Warren and David bite back

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Lottie and Georgia's eyes on new replacement Joel haven't gone unnoticed. As Laura enters The Lodge to deliver a massive shock, the Girls are confronted by Warren and David.