The Boys' Ultimate Team Challenge

Video guidance This video contains strong language

The Boys face the battle of their lives as they tackle The Ultimate Team Challenge in a bid to win Survival of the Fittest. With the winner's trophy in sight, could they blitz the course faster than the Girls?

Your final Teams!

It's been an incredible three weeks of blood, sweat and tears, but your final eight are ready to fight it out in one last battle - the one that really counts. It's Boys vs Girls in The Ultimate Team Challenge, and only one sex can come out on top and take home the £40,000 cash prize...

Let's take a look at the four Boys and four Girls who have made it to the final of Survival of the Fittest.

Challenge Preview: One Final Fight

Only the strongest four Girls and four Boys remain - and it all comes down to one final, ultimate Challenge.

The Boys and Girls fight to the very end - but only one Team can emerge as the superior sex. Find out which Team wins Survival of the Fittest, tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

The Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching Day 19?

The Teams could almost taste the final... but they had one more Challenge to win first. The Girls winning streak continued in Pick Up The Pieces and the Boys resorted to dirty tactics in a bid to break the Girls apart. There wasn't room for everyone in the The Lodge though, and Callum and Hayley had their place in the final snatched from their grasp by the opposite Team.
See if you can compete like a champion and smash The Audience Challenge from the penultimate day!

Overheard in The Lodge Day 19: Who said that?

Some of the Teams were flying high after being sent straight into the final, others were feeling left out, and a few were left feeling the pressure. It led to a fair few tears and plenty of comments around The Lodge on Day 19 as emotions ran high - can you work out who said what?

Callum and Hayley miss out on the final

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After James and Mariam are sent into the final by the public, the final member of each of the Teams is picked by the opposition. Both Teams make a tactical choice to get rid of the enemy's strongest, and Callum and Hayley have the final swiped from their grasp.