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Accessibility at ITV

ITV is for everyone, regardless of their background, race, disability, sexuality, gender identity or expression. 

ITV is committed to being accessible to all, both off and on-screen. We want to enable all our viewers and consumers to access our services with ease. Our Accessibility Statement summarises this commitment.

People are disabled by barriers in society rather than their impairment or difference. We have created an accessibility team to champion the needs of those who may face barriers to accessing our services. You can contact this team via the email address at the bottom of the page.

Access Services

ITV wants to ensure access to our content. We provide subtitles and sign language translation for people with a hearing impairment.  We provide audio description for visually-impaired people. The UK regulator, Ofcom, monitors our targets for broadcast television programmes. We aim to exceed the majority of these public service targets.

You can check which access services are available:-

  • by looking for the notifications on screen at the start of the programme 

  • by checking in listings magazines (eg Radio Times) 

  • by checking the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) on your TV or Set Top Box

  • or by checking www.itv.com (for ITV programmes). 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties in receiving access services, please contact our Viewer Services team.

Sign Language Translation

ITV provides a selection of programmes which offer open British Sign Language translation. Roughly six hours a week are available on each channel. CITV carries sign-presented programmes called Share A Story.

ITV SignPost

ITV’s British Sign Language (BSL) services are provided by SignPost, our award-winning centre of excellence for on-screen sign language access. SignPost  uses BSL-native on-screen translators, working at our dedicated studio in Gateshead. We provide top quality translation for the D/deaf community. As well as BSL, we also offer Irish, Welsh and American sign language services.

SignPost's free UK website www.signedstories.com hosts almost 200 signed children’s stories. These stories have extra narration, animation and subtitles. It also has guidance notes for parents, carers and teachers.

Signed Stories is also available worldwide as an interactive iOS app in both BSL and ASL. The app has animated stories, story notes and a free sign dictionary. www.signpostbsl.com gives details of further translation services on offer to the public, private and third sectors.

Contact us

As you can see, we’re as passionate about accessibility as we are about making and presenting great TV programmes. If you share our passion, or if you’d like to raise an issue with us, please get in contact with us via our email address accessibility@itv.com. We’d love to hear from you - our purpose is to make sure you can access our services, so your feedback is essential.

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