Bonus Tokens FAQs

What are bonus tokens and how can I get them?

You can get Bonus Tokens by entering our online paid-for competitions. Each time you purchase a bundle of online entries you may be given a certain number of bonus tokens. The number of tokens given differs depending on the competition and the number of paid entries purchased.

How do I know how many I have?

Go to the ‘My Tokens’ link at the top of any page. On this page you will see a golden token symbol and the number of tokens you currently have is displayed there.

What can I use them for?

You can use then to enter our exclusive Bonus Token competitions on the website. There will usually be several competitions to choose from, each with different prizes available.

How many tokens do I need to enter a competition?

The number of tokens you will need depend on the competition. Look for the golden token symbol. If a comp is greyed out, you do not have enough tokens to enter at this time.

What do I need to do to enter?

When you opt to enter a bonus competition you will be given 10 seconds to answer a multiple choice general knowledge question. You need to answer this question correctly to have a chance to win the prize or prizes stated. There is a practice competition available for you to try, this does not cost any tokens, however there is no prize for this, it’s just for fun.

What happens if I lose internet connectivity?

Before you enter, please ensure you have a good internet connection. If you lose your internet connection or close or refresh your browser between starting the competition and submitting your answer to the question, you will not be entered into the competition, you will not be able to start your entry again and you will lose your tokens.

How will I know if I am a winner?

If you are a winner you will contacted by phone. Further info about how we contact our winners is here: http://www.itv.com/terms/faqs/interactivefaqs

Do my bonus tokens expire?

If there is no activity on your account for six months on the competitions website, ITV reserve the right to close your account. Any associated bonus tokens linked to that account would be lost. ITV reserve the right to withdraw tokens and bonus competitions at any point.

My question is not answered here?

You can email Interactive Support at itvihelp@itv.com.