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ITV Interactive Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s :


What Devices Can I view the competition website on?

You can view the website on any internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, although you will need to be using the latest browser and OS version to ensure compatibility. You will need a mobile phone to register to enter competitions as you will be sent a passcode by text message for security.

I haven’t got a mobile phone or device - can I enter the competitions on the website?

You need a mobile phone to register and enter on this website. But don't worry, ITV run lots of competitions where you can enter by other methods such as by phoning on a landline or by post. We also need your mobile phone number so that we can call you if you win one of our competitions.

Why do you need my mobile number?

When you register with the site we validate your mobile phone with a passcode that will be sent by text. This ensures that the number you have given is real and that you own it. All your entries are then registered against this mobile number and in the event that you are a winner you will be contacted on that number.

Can I register with my non - UK registered mobile?

No, you will need a UK registered mobile.

How do I enter a competition online?

To enter competitions online that require payment you can pay using PayPal, Payforit, Apple Pay or a debit card. If you are on a smartphone and have a banking app or online banking you will also have the option to pay via your bank or building society account.

I can't remember my passcode, how do I reset it?

Click ‘Log in’, enter your mobile number and ‘Confirm’ (you’ll need to agree to our Privacy Notice). On the next page, you will be able to select “Forgotten Passcode”, check the number and if correct, click ‘Send New Passcode’. This should send you a new passcode via SMS. Once you receive this text and input the new passcode, you will be able to reset your memorable passcode.

My passcode isn't working, what should I do?

If your passcode isn’t working, please follow our steps to resetting your passcode. It is worth noting that each passcode sent via SMS is only valid for 15 minutes. After this, a new passcode will need to be requested.

I can't claim my prize as I can't remember my passcode.

In order to claim your prize, you will need to input a passcode, this is to protect your account. If you are unsure what your memorable passcode is, you will need to follow our steps to resetting your passcode.

I've been locked out of my account, why has it been locked and how do I unlock it?

You may be locked out of your account for the following reasons:

If you have inputted an incorrect passcode, you will be locked out of your account for a set time period. This will be displayed on the passcode page. You should come back after the time has elapsed and try again.

You have requested too many passcodes - you can only request up to 5 passcodes in a 24 hour period, after this the system may lock your account.

What is the passcode for? Why do I need to set a memorable passcode?

We ask users to sign in with their mobile number and passcode to protect their account and any prizes they may have won on their account. A memorable passcode is set by you to make it easier to sign in each time, rather than requesting a new passcode on every sign in.

I haven't received a passcode, what should I do?

There could be a few reasons why you have not received a passcode. Firstly, please check if the number you have inputted is correct, otherwise the passcode will be sent to someone else. Next, you will need a strong cellular connection in order to receive the passcode, as it comes via SMS. Lastly, your network may have a bar on receiving certain types of SMS messages, meaning the passcode is unable to be delivered to your handset. In this case you should contact your network provider.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online payment solution. PayPal is provided by PayPal (Europe) Sàrl et Cie, SCA. ITV Consumer Limited is the 'Merchant' referred to in PayPal's terms and conditions.

Can I use my non-UK Paypal account?

No, you need a UK PayPal account if you want to pay by PayPal to enter our competitions.

How do I get a Paypal account?

It's easy to sign up, go to https://www.paypal.com/uk/home for more information.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a mobile operator payment scheme, which allows you to charge your mobile phone bill when you buy a product or service.

Why doesn’t Payforit work on the giffgaff network?

Payforit is only currently available on the EE, O2, Three and Vodafone networks.

I have tried to enter a competition via Payforit but keep getting an error?

Errors can be caused by the below reasons:

Insufficient funds: If you are a Pay As You Go customer, you may need to top up your credit in order to use the service.

Barred: You may have a premium rate bar on your phone, you need to contact your mobile network in order to get this removed.

Max spend: Your mobile network may have placed a weekly or monthly spend limit on your phone bill for premium services, you can contact them to get this removed or have the limit increased.

How do you use Apple Pay?

You will need an Apple device and have set up Apple Pay on it. Select it as your payment option and follow the instructions.

How do I pay by debit card?

You need a valid debit card. Select it as your payment option and follow the instructions.

If I choose ‘Pay by Bank’ as my payment option how does it work?

This allows you to pay using ‘Open Banking’. When you select this as a payment option, it will open up your banking app on your phone or take you to your online banking. You should log in using your normal credentials, follow the instructions and the payment will be taken from your bank account. Open Banking is a secure method of payment and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I can’t see ‘Pay by Bank’ as a payment method?

This payment option will only appear if you are on your mobile phone. If you are on a laptop or other device you will not have this option.

Why is my bank not listed?

Although we cover most major banks and building societies there are some that are not available. Please choose an alternative payment method to be able to enter.

My bank is listed but it says it’s currently unavailable?

If your banking app is undergoing maintenance then it may be temporarily unavailable. If the message persists then you should contact your bank.

What if I don’t have a banking app?

If you don’t have one on your phone then you will be directed to your online banking and you’ll be able to log in and pay in that way. However the experience will be quicker using a banking app.

Will ITV see my bank log-in details?

No, this uses the UK's Open Banking infrastructure to securely connect to your bank's online or mobile banking. This allows you to log in using your existing credentials. Your login credentials are not seen by anyone and no personal bank account information is stored. ITV does not see any of your banking log-in details.

I tried to enter a competition but the screen went blank/I got an error message?

You will need a strong, constant wifi or 3G/4G/5G signal to enter, otherwise you may experience error messages or a blank screen. We don't recommend entering whilst on the move as your signal strength may vary.

How many times can I enter a competition?

Each competition has different entry limits, please see the individual competition information for details.

How much does it cost to enter a competition?

It depends on the competition, but the cost of entry will always be clearly stated. We may also offer bundles where you get free entries when you pay to enter a competition, such as buy two entries and get a third for free. Please see the individual competition information for details.

I have already entered a competition by another method (e.g. by text message), can I still enter online?

Yes you are able to enter our competitions in as many ways as you like, up to the limits stated for each entry method.

I didn't phone or text from my mobile to enter the competition, so why do I have a charge on my mobile bill?

If you choose to enter via Payforit, the cost of the entry will be billed directly to your mobile phone bill. If you do not recognise any transactions on your mobile phone bill, please contact your network operator.

How do I know my entry will be counted?

When you enter online you will see a message that confirms your entry has been received. You will also receive an email from PayPal which confirms your payment for your entry or a text message if you enter via Payforit. Every successful entry, by every method and whether free or paid, stands an equal chance of winning.

How do I know if I'm the winner of a competition?

If you are picked as the winner you will be contacted on the mobile number you provided when you registered. Details of when and how often we will try to contact the winner are set out in the terms and conditions for each competition.

How can I find out who's won a competition?

Our winners are listed in the Winners section on this website.

Will I receive 'spam'/unwanted marketing texts or calls to my mobile if I register on the website?

No, ITV will not send you marketing messages unless you have consented to receive them and will not pass your mobile telephone number to any third party for marketing purposes unless you have consented to this. Text spamming is caused by companies sending unsolicited text messages to mobile telephone numbers. ITV in no way supports this practice and takes great care to guard numbers from any unauthorised use.

I don't live in the UK - can I enter ITV competitions?

You must be a resident of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man to enter ITV competitions, unless otherwise stated.

I've entered the wrong competition by mistake?

We are unable to refund you if you have entered a competition by mistake, please check the competition information carefully before you enter.

I've seen a competition on an ITV show but can't find it on this website?

Over time, most of our competitions will be here so please check back regularly. Our competitions are time limited, so will not remain on the website indefinitely.

Bonus Token:

What are bonus tokens and how can I get them?

You can get Bonus Tokens by entering our online paid-for competitions. Each time you purchase a bundle of online entries you may be given a certain number of bonus tokens. The number of tokens given differs depending on the competition and the number of paid entries purchased.

How do I know how many I have?

Go to the ‘My Tokens’ link at the top of any page. On this page you will see a golden token symbol and the number of tokens you currently have is displayed there.

What can I use them for?

You can use them to enter our exclusive Bonus Token competitions on the website. There will usually be several competitions to choose from, each with different prizes available.

How many tokens do I need to enter a competition?

The number of tokens you will need depends on the competition. Look for the golden token symbol. If a competition is greyed out, you do not have enough tokens to enter at this time.

What do I need to do to enter?

When you opt to enter a bonus competition you wil have a question to answer within a certain number of seconds. This may be a multiple choice general knowledge question, a question where you have to pick more than one answer, or fill in the blank letters to complete an answer. You need to answer correctly within the stated time to have a chance to win the prize or prizes stated. There is a practice competition available for you to try, this does not cost any tokens, however there is no prize for this, it’s just for fun.

What happens if I lose internet connectivity?

Before you enter, please ensure you have a good internet connection. If you lose your internet connection, close or refresh your browser between starting the competition and submitting your answer to the question, you will not be entered into the competition, you will not be able to start your entry again and you will lose your tokens.

How will I know if I am a winner?

If you are a winner you will be contacted by phone. Further info about how we contact our winners is here: www.itv.com/terms/faqs/interactivefaqs

Do my bonus tokens expire?

If there is no activity on your account for six months on the competitions website, ITV reserve the right to close your account. Any associated bonus tokens linked to that account would be lost. ITV reserve the right to withdraw tokens and bonus competitions at any point.


What is the opt-in prize draw?

If you opt-in to receive marketing information from us, we’d like to say thanks by giving one person a month £1,000.

How does it work?

Everyone who is opted in each month is eligible to be picked to be a winner.

How do I opt-in?

Click/tap the box promoting the prize draw or you can click/tap the small head & shoulders silhouette in the top right corner of the website. Then follow the instructions. We ask for your mobile number, title, first name, surname & postcode.

If I opt in, what marketing will I receive?

You will receive texts and picture messages to your mobile.

How often will I receive marketing messages?

We send marketing messages that we think will be of interest to you based on the information you have supplied and the competitions you have entered. For most people, we would send no more than a couple of messages a week.

Will I get marketing messages from anyone else other than ITV?

No, when you opt-in here, you will only receive marketing messages from ITV.

How do I opt out?

You can opt out whenever you like but you will no longer be eligible to win £1,000. Click/tap the small head & shoulders silhouette in the top right corner of the website and then follow the instructions to opt out. Or you can text STOP back after you receive any messages from us. Please allow 24 hours for your opt out to take effect.

How will I know if I am a winner?

If you are a winner you will be contacted by phone. Further info about how we contact our winners is here: www.itv.com/terms/faqs/interactivefaqs

Can I win more than once?

Yes! Provided you are opted in each month you could win again.

Where can I see previous winners?

Winners can be found at itv.com/win, and then click/tap ‘Winners’ on the right on the top bar menu.


What is the Winsday prize draw and how do I enter?

This prize draw is only available to our online users.

Place an online entry for any competition featuring the ‘Winsday ticket‘ logo and you'll automatically receive a ticket to that week's Winsday draw. You can also receive free Winsday draw tickets by watching some of our short promotional videos.

How do I know how many Winsday tickets I have?

Go to the ‘Profile’ link at the top of any page. On this page you will see a ticket logo and ‘Winsday Draw Tickets’ – the number of tickets you currently have for that weeks’ prize draw will be displayed here.

How many Winsday draw tickets can I earn or gain?

You can receive up to 6 tickets, per Winsday draw, by entering the competition’s featuring the ‘Winsday ticket‘ logo. You can also claim up to 6 tickets, per Winsday draw, by watching some of our short promotional videos.

When does the Winsday prize draw open and close?

The weekly prize draw will open every Wednesday at 01:00 and then close the following Wednesday (1 week later) at 00:59.

How do I check if I have any winning tickets?

You can check your Winsday prize draw ticket(s) from 15:00 every Wednesday. You will find these in your ‘Profile’ under ‘Winsday Draw Tickets’. To scan your ticket, drag and drop it into the box to reveal if you have won a prize. Alternatively, select the ‘Autocheck’ button. You will have 28 days from the reveal date/time to check a ticket.

I’ve won a prize in Winsday, how do I claim it?

Go to the ‘Profile’ link at the top of any page to view your prizes.

  • Entry credits: If you’ve won entry credits these will be automatically added to the ‘Entry Credits’ total on your profile, once you have scanned your ticket. You can then use these to enter any of our paid online competitions.

  • Bonus Tokens: If you’ve won Bonus Tokens these will be automatically added to the ‘Tokens’ total on your profile, once you have scanned your ticket. You can then use these towards any of our Bonus Token competitions.

  • Cash: If you’ve won a cash prize this will be added to the ‘Cash Prize’ total on your profile, once you have scanned your ticket. You will then have 28 days to withdraw this cash, via PayPal or exchange it for entry credits.

How do I withdraw a cash prize through PayPal?

  • Go to the ‘Profile’ link at the top of any page and select ‘Cash Prize’

  • Choose the PayPal option and follow the simple steps.

  • You can use a pre-existing PayPal account or create a new one.

  • The prize balance in your ITV Win Profile will now be zero and the money will appear in your PayPal account within 48 hours.

What are entry credits?

Entry credits can be used to enter any of our paid for competitions. One entry credit is equivalent to one competition entry. You can win these, or you can exchange your Winsday cash prizes for entry credits.

Can I exchange part of my cash prize for entry credits?

Yes, but you must do the entry credit exchange before withdrawing any remaining cash.

What competitions can I use entry credits for?

Entry credits can be used to enter any of our paid for competitions. One entry credit is equivalent to one paid for competition entry. If you have entry credits in your profile, you will not be able to pay for entries until these have been used up.

Are entry credits capped?

If you would like to exchange Winsday cash prizes for more entry credits, you must have less than 10 entry credits in your account.

Does my Winsday ticket or my cash prize expire?

  • Your Winsday ticket will expire at 3pm 28 days after the draw has closed.

  • Any cash prize will expire 28 days after you have scanned your ticket

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