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Love Island - Voting FAQs

Love Island Vote, Series 8, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I vote?

You can vote by going to the 'Vote' tab in the app and tapping the Vote Now button whichwill then take you to the online vote. Or type itv.com/vote in a web browser. For thebest experience we advise doing this on your mobile phone but you can also use atablet or computer.The first time you want to place a vote, you will need to verify your mobile number(even if you are using a tablet or computer). To do this, click/tap ‘verify your mobile’,and enter your UK mobile number. Once you receive the passcode (you will receivethis via a free text message), enter it on the website. When a vote is open it willautomatically appear on the website.

2. I haven’t received my passcode?

Please ensure you have typed your UK mobile number in correctly. It may take a fewminutes to receive your passcode. Your passcode comes as a free text message socheck you have a good network signal.

3. I can’t see any votes / I have votes but cannot cast them. Why?

There are 5 main reasons why you may be unable to cast your vote:a. The vote is closed. Full details of when you may cast your vote will be announcedin-show. You will only be able to vote whilst the voting period is open. It is notpossible to cast your vote at any other time.b. You do not have a strong enough wifi or 3G/4G/5G signalYou will need a strong, constant wifi or 3G/4G/5G signal to go through the votingprocess, otherwise you may experience error messages. We don’t recommend votingwhilst on the move as your signal strength may vary.c. There has been a technical errorIn the unlikely case that a technical error occurs then an information message shouldappear. If there is no obvious reason for the error, email itvihelp@itv.com.d. You have used up your votesEach mobile number will receive 1 vote per voting event (at the discretion of theproducers - final number to be indicated in the Programmes).e. There is a high demand on the websiteAt the start of a vote, lots of people will be trying to vote at once so you may get anerror message such as ‘Vote error - Due to high demand, your vote could not beprocessed at this time. Please wait a few seconds and try again.' You should be ableto vote if you wait a moment. Note that this is a general message and it is impossiblefor votes for different Islanders to be treated differently.

4. How many free votes will I get?

Each mobile number that you log in with will receive one vote per voting event. Avoting event is classed as one complete vote.

5. Can I use my votes in other ITV programmes?

No. Votes can only be used for the 2022 series of Love Island.

6. Can I ‘rollover’ votes during the series?

No. You can only use votes for that particular voting event. Votes for a new votingevent will appear on the website the next time voting opens.

7. Can I move my votes between devices/onto a new device?

You can cast up to 1 vote per mobile phone number for each voting event.

8. Why are vote images and text display distorted or misshapen on my mobiledevice?

You may need to adjust your font size or screen size.To adjust this on Android, go to Settings > Display > Font and screen zoom, andlower the screen zoom and font size. This will allow more of the images and text tobe displayed on screen.

To adjust this on iOS, click on the ‘AA’ symbol, which should appear in the URLaddress bar. Lower the screen zoom by tapping on the smaller A on the left handside.

9. How much does it cost to vote on the website?

Voting via the website is free but data charges may apply.

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