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Viewer Services FAQs


I’m upset by a current storyline in a Soap, where can I get help?

If you or someone you know has been affected by issues covered in our programmes please visit the following page for information, advice and support: www.itv.com/advice

I’m suffering with my mental health, how can I get help?

We launched the Britain Get Talking campaign for mental wellness and to encourage people to connect - and we’ve never needed to connect more. The following website provides links to organisations that can offer advice: www.itv.com/britaingettalkingYou may also be interested in This Morning’s helplines where you will be able to find links to other organisations: www.itv.com/thismorning/ helplines


How do I apply to be on a show?

When our shows put out the call for applicants and contestants they’ll be listed on the Be On TV section of our website: www.itv.com/beontv

How can I apply for audience tickets?

If you’d like to be part of the studio audience watching your favourite ITV show, please visit the following link where you can find some useful websites to apply for free tickets. www.itv.com/beontv/ ticketsforitvshows

I have a programme idea, are you interested?

Unfortunately, we only accept submissions from established production companies. The best way of getting in touch with an independent production company is to do some research upfront about the companies who produce the type of programmes that you have an idea for (a tip is to watch similar programmes on TV and note down the company’s name at the end of the programme).Many of these independent companies are members of PACT - an industry body representing the independent sector. Contact details for PACT members can be found on their website: www.pact.co.uk


The GMB clock is wrong?

We get asked this question a lot! If you suddenly discover the clock on screen is wrong it’s usually because you're watching via our time-shifted +1 channel. If you switch back to the main ITV channel you’ll find that it is showing the correct time and it's time to get moving - particularly if you’ve got to get to work or your children to school on time!

I have a story I would like you to cover?

We can’t guarantee the programme will be able to cover your story. Please get in touch by filling out this form.

How do I contact Martin Lewis directly?

Martin Lewis regularly appears on GMB, please visit the Money section of the Good Morning Britain website for the latest information and advice:https://www.itv.com/ goodmorningbritain/moneyUnfortunately, Martin Lewis is unable to take on individual cases. However, you may find his Money Saving Expert website helpful: www.moneysavingexpert.com

Where can I find Style & Beauty details shown on Lorraine?

Please visit the show's website and Instagram feeds for details:www.itv.com/lorraine/style-beautywww.instagram.com/lorraine/


How can I apply for jobs at ITV?

All of our current vacancies are published on our careers website: www.itvcareers.comHere you’ll be able to find further information on our business areas and details on how to apply. Good luck!

How can I apply for work experience?

Please visit the Early Careers section of our jobs website for further information: https://careers.itv.com/teams/ early-careersUnfortunately we aren't currently able to offer work experience opportunities for under 18s.For news and updates about all our early careers schemes, please follow us on...Twitter: @ITVCareersFacebook: @ITVCareersInstagram: @careersatitv

Do you have any trainee programmes?

Please visit the Early Careers section of our jobs website for further information: https://careers.itv.com/teams/ early-careersYou’ll be able to find further information on the following schemes:- ITV Apprenticeship Programme (16 + years old)- ITV News Traineeship Programme (18 + years old)- Technology Graduate scheme

How can I become an extra in a programme or soap?

Our casting is not handled centrally at ITV. Our shows are made by different production teams, who each handle casting for their own specific productions.Production teams, including our soaps, go through agencies and drama schools to enlist the services of actors and extras. The best route would be to approach an agency whose role is to put you forward for work.We do not tend to recommend specific agencies as our teams work with a variety of them, but if you want to enquire about work as a Background Artist, then we suggest you contact an agent near to where you live, they should be aware of all television projects filming in your area too.A list of agents can be found on the Spotlight website via the following link: www.spotlight.com/contacts

How can I become a presenter?

In general terms, presenting does not have a single definitive route into it. Ways in can vary from working in the industry in another role, as actors or models, some are experts in another field, others are journalists. While there are presenter courses available, there is no guarantee of a job at the end of it. A good idea is to create a showreel to highlight presenting skills and then approach production companies for work. Showreels do not have to be produced professionally, many are self-shot and uploaded to social media sites. A number of agents specifically represent presenters - a quick search online will show you who they are: www.spotlight.com/contacts. You could try them when you have a showreel.

How can I get hold of signed photos of presenters or actors / actresses?

We do not hold signed photographs of actors or celebrities, the best route would be to contact them via their agent with your request. An Internet search should help you to locate agent details. You could also try looking for the person via their social media feeds.

Charity and Sponsorship

Can you sponsor me?

Giving back to our local, national and international communities is important to ITV, and part of our social purpose to shape culture for good. Our major fundraising appeal is Soccer Aid for UNICEF, and we support other causes through in-kind support and awareness-raising. Unfortunately, we are unable to support individual requests, however, we wish you all the very best with your fundraising journey. For an overview of our Social Purpose strategy, please visit our website: www.itvplc.com/socialpurpose

Technical and Reception

I am experiencing picture issues (pixelation) on ITV and other channels on Freeview?

If you're having problems with Freeview reception, picture or channels please visit Freeview’s Reception and Troubleshooting Guide for help and advice: www.freeview.co.uk/help. If you’d prefer to speak to one of the Freeview advisor, please call 03456 50 50 50

Can you explain why I have commentary in the background whilst watching your programmes?

It sounds as though you have enabled the Audio Description (AD) service. Audio Description is a service we provide for our visually impaired audience, it describes what is taking place on-screen via narration. Your equipment manual will provide details on how to disable it, or you may find that you have an ‘AD’ button on your remote control which will quickly disable this service too.Sky viewers can switch the service on and off by selecting Services, followed by System Setup and Sound Settings.

Why am I seeing black bars at the top and bottom or on the sides of the screen?

The majority of programmes on ITV are shown in widescreen 16:9. However, some older programmes on channels such as ITV3 were filmed in 4:3 or 14:9 rather than widescreen. When we broadcast older programmes which were originally produced in a 4:3 aspect ratio we have to convert them to 16:9. To achieve this result our editing teams create a 16:9 size whilst maintaining the quality of the programme in its original aspect ratio. The result is black bars at each side of the screen.

I can't find the answer to my technical query here, what should I do?

If your technical enquiry is not shown here please get in touch by filling out this form.


Why don’t you list all of the music details in the credits?

It’s partly a quirk of the credit guidelines that not all contributors are credited. The end credits of many feature films roll for much longer than those on television which allows for all the individual pieces of music to be credited. Sadly, in television we don’t have that luxury and the credits tend to be much shorter. To allow for as many of the crew to be credited, it means that third party music, key locations and other elements of the series are not credited on screen.If you’d like to request music details please get in touch by filling out this form. Remember to include the following details:- Date and time of broadcast- A description of the music- Where in the programme it was featured

How can I find details of a song used in a programme or trailer?

Music identification apps or an internet search are useful ways to find out what music was played during a programme or on a trailer. If a search does not bring up any results, it is usually because the background or atmospheric music used in programmes is either specially commissioned for the series or pieces of library production music which are not commercially available to buy.


How can I contact my local newsroom?

If you’ve got a story for your local news team you can find their contact details via the following link: https://www.itv.com/ presscentre/itv-news-teams


Where can I find the latest schedule information?

Our online TV Guide is the best place to find our latest schedule information: www.itv.com/watch/tv-guide

You’ve just announced a new series but no start date, when will it be shown?

We’re only able to confirm schedule dates 10 days in advance. We will of course announce when it’s due to air nearer the time. Please keep checking for programme promotions on our channels along with listing magazines for news. You can also follow our Twitter feed @itv and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/itv

Where are my regular episodes of Coronation Street and Emmerdale?

We appreciate these changes can be frustrating and we aim to keep regular programmes, such as soaps, in their usual time slots. However, there are occasions when we have to adjust our schedules for live events or sporting fixtures.

How can I catch up on a programme that I have missed?

Depending on the licensing, programmes are generally available on ITVX for 30 days from first transmission. www.itv.com

ITV Horse Racing

You can find all the latest ITV Racing information and fixtures via the following link: www.itv.com/racingKeep up to date with the latest racing coverage and news on ITV by checking out the ITV Racing social media pages:https://www.facebook.com/ racingitvhttps://twitter.com/itvracinghttps://www.instagram.com/ itvracing/


How can I purchase tickets for your Tours?

Details of available tours can be found on the following website: www.itv.com/tours


I am unhappy with the content of an advert?

ITV is one of a number of commercial broadcasters that generates revenue via selling air space to companies wishing to advertise on television. All advertising is checked to ensure it meets the legal requirements of The Communications Act 2003. If you’re unhappy about an advertisement please contact the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with your complaint.The ASA is the UK’s independent advertising regulator and makes sure ads across UK media stick to the advertising rules (the Advertising Codes). These legal obligations are set out as regulatory principles and rules in the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code) Rules and Guidance. The investigation of complaints about apparent breaches and enforcement of the BCAP Code is undertaken by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).Make a complaint here: www.asa.org.uk


The accessibility of our services is important to us. If you are having difficulty getting in touch and require an alternative method of contact for response then please let us know as we will always try and make an adjustment to engage with you in the most appropriate way. Please complete and submit this form.

Need more help?

If we haven’t answered your question here, please complete and submit this form and our team will respond as soon as they can.

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