Big Reunion 2014


The Big Reunion Tour

The Big Reunion Tour has now finished! Thanks to everyone who came to join in the fun.

There's still time to catch 5th Story, Damage, A1 and 3T join forces with Blue, 911 and Five for The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour 2014.

Your favourite boys from The Big Reunion 2013 and 2014 have been exciting arenas around the country in with their smash hit tour.

Don't just take our word...

"Still Got band nostalgia" - Daily Mail
"Still have what it takes to get an arena on its feet" - Bournemouth Echo
"Pure, unadulterated, nostalgic, associative fun," - Stourbridge News
"We loved taking a trip down memory lane" -
"This messy mash-up of pop feels ever so perfect" - Nottingham Post

Dressing room dilemmas

We've seen the playful rivalry between 5th Story and Damage, but when dressing rooms are involved it's time to get serious.

Two boy bands, one big dressing room, who will be the victor?

Tell us which of our bands you think will get to dress in luxury while the other squeezes in together?

The stage is set

Mr Big Reunion himself, Andi Peters is set to bring his biting wit to the stage

It's been an emotionally and physically demanding time for our Big Reunion bands. But will it all be worth it, as they get set for their Hammersmith gig in front of thousands of expectant fans?

Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out.

If you can't wait that long, take a peak at some of the amazing performances in store...

Top of the class?

As our bands hit rehearsals, it looks like some of our pop stars are a little out of practice when it comes to performing, while others look like they never left the limelight.

Which Big Reunion band do you think will breeze through rehearsals?