Big Reunion 2014

Crisis talks?

The pressure is on as 5th Story fine tune their varying vocals at rehearsals.

But can they overcome a confidence crisis and a missing member?

Watch a sneak preview of tonight's show.

5th Story

In an exciting twist to The Big Reunion 2014, we introduce the super group 5th Story.

The new band, formed of solo artists Dane Bowers, Kenzie, Kavana, Gareth Gates and Adam Rickitt will see the members bring unique insights into the fickle world of fame.

Will this be the start of something special, or will rivalries destroy them before they begin?

The 5th Story

The thought of having to speak on television was scarier than anything else

– Gareth on his first appearance on Pop Idol

Five powerful stories in one super band. 5th Story share their dramatic peaks and catastrophic lows since their individual departures from the charts.

From heavy drinking to deep set depression, prepare for the untold story behind the music industry.

Will you recognise them now? Watch a special preview ahead of tonight's show.